2018 - PG - David DeJulius (Commit)



Dave with 29 and Elliot with 24 last night in 73-67 win over Western.


Would you happen to know what both dave and greg are averaging so far this year?


Greg averaging 29 a game, Dave 26 per game last time I checked.


Numbers I have:

  • Greg (11 GP) - 28 pts, 8 reb, 3 ast. 59% on twos, 29% on threes, 55 eFG%.
  • Dave (12 GP): 26 pts, 4 reb, 4 ast, 51% on twos, 36% on threes, 53 eFG%


29%? Yikes.


Have always wanted to ask you your priorties in any HS prospect. Am I correct in assuming that outside shooting, particularly 3point shooting is first and foremost by a healthy margin as it relates to any perimeter player?


No. but for Michigan and beilein, it’s got to be top 2 or 3. Me personally is different but we all know what beilein wants.


Gotcha. Thanks



Love to see this type of stuff from commits on Twitter.


Livers joined in:


Excuse my twitter icon ignorance… what does Isaiah’s mean?


Turning it on soon.



Do we know of anyone else who attended the game tonight? Particularly the state of Michigan?



No Elliott? Bummer.


Vince Baldwin? Now there’s a blast from the past.


Wasn’t he the Midwest Hoops guy?


Greg Elliott won’t be pursued. Webb said his gut told him that the coaches are good with Poole and Brooks being the guards they bring in. Could look for another front court player if Bamba dosent work out but only if the fit is right.

Im hoping he goes to Marquette with Cain and not MSU to get screamed at for 4 years.