2018 - G - Robby Carmody (ND Commit)


Carmody’s officials: Purdue (June 16-18), Notre Dame (June 20-22) and Michigan (June 29-July 1).


Nice - I like getting that last shot to hopefully seal the deal.


Sounds like he’s leaving the door open to take the two final ones as well. Potentially Indiana, Maryland would be in the mix for those trips.


I don’t get the impression that we will be sealing the deal. I get the impression that we get the last crack to try to change his mind.


Change his mind from Notre Dame?


Is Gabe Brown our Robby Carmody back up plan?


Noah Locke is probably Plan B to Carmody at the 2.


He may be. And whether he is or not, I don’t think Brown is. Hunter Tyson is coming on June 30 and expects an offer (as do Dylan and others who follow recruiting). Brown just visited and didn’t get one. Tyson is, I believe, being recruited as a 2 guard.


Or Purdue. I think nd leads though



Damn committed before he even took his visit to Michigan. Definitely should turn up the heat on Locke now. Also, can Hunter Tyson play any 2 guard or is he strictly a 3?


I’m not complaining about the state of the program, but it sure seems like we strike out a lot on our top prospects. It’s not like these guys are 5 star talent either.


Everybody strikes out a lot. Every top 100 kid has double-digit programs after them.


This past recruiting class UNC struck out on so many targets that they had to take two forwards (a huge position of need; one of them will be starting) in the high 100’s until a guy at about 120 committed late, plus a SG in the 200’s. The lunch guy higher than 122 was Jalen Felton, a legacy commit. It happens, I still think we’ll have an impressive class in the end.


Yeah we’re in on so many great guys right now. Think back a couple years ago when we missed out on Battle and Langford and we had to get Ibi as our backup (Nothing against Ibi, of course).

Carmody and Ryan both committed to programs that are very similar to our own, and Carmody grew up an ND fan so I don’t think we really ever had as much of a shot as we thought we did.


Great point, I love how many backup guys we have on the board that I’d still be very happy with.