2018 - G - Robby Carmody (ND Commit)


Arizona enters the mix for Carmody



I went back and looked at this tape - not sure there is any more recent? But if we are looking for shooters who can also play through contact I see it in this young guy.

Thoughts? Any new tape?


Sounds like Carmody has a pretty strong connection with Archie Miller. Wouldn’t be surprised to see IU prioritize him here.



I honestly thought we were sort of out of it for Carmody but that quote gives me renewed hope. Would love to get him


What Maryland wings is he referring to? Jake Layman is the only one I can think of in the NBA. Michigan obviously has Glenn, Nik, Hardaway Jr., and Caris…


Maryland has 0 wings in the NBA.


Juan Dixon perhaps?


NBA hype and playing in the NBA are two different things. There has been a lot of hype with Maryland players that don’t pan out.


As I said, and is shown in that link, Jake Layman is an NBA wing and went to MD.


Layman would be an odd model for Carmody since he played more of a stretch 4 in college. Huerter had a great freshman season so Carmody could be looking at how they’ve used him, but Maryland hasn’t put a true wing in the NBA for some time.



Michigan is the perfect spot for Carmody IMO


Sounds like he might commit if the player relationships seem like a fit.


I think he is going to Notre dame. Unfortunately.



Sounds like Michigan has a good chance.


Glad that we are still in the hunt for Carmody. I have always liked him better than Ryan. Sacrafices a little of the pure shooter for some grit and athleticism. Great/ideal wing pick up if we can get him


DeJulius, Carmody, Poole would be a fun fun backcourt