2018 - G - Robby Carmody (ND Commit)

Figured I’d kick off his thread with a clip.


Actually I am more excited about offering Carmody than I am Ryan. I would be happy with either but am glad that we offered Carmody. I feel like he has a more well rounded game

I like their games but cohill looked very good. Is it safe to say beilein thinks we need a shooter first and foremost at this 2018 sg spot?

Could be any number of things that don’t actually have to do with Cohill on the court. But then again, it might also have something to do with how much they like the other 2.

Jerome Hunter and Robby Carmody visiting Pitt this weekend


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That’s good. Huge fan of Carmody’s game – would much prefer him to Ryan. Hopefully the fb team lays a serious beatdown on PSU.

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Why? I love Ryan’s film.

Nothing against Ryan, but I just think Carmody has the more all-around game and fills a role of greater need on this team – a nonstop motor, terrific defensive instincts, and relishes contact. I do think that Ryan is more of a textbook “Beilein guard” and his highlights remind me of Poole’s, but I think we also could use a physical, hard-charging athletic guy like Carmody more than another smooth sharpshooter. Carmody may be more of an MSU/Indiana/Iowa style guard but frankly that’s what I think we need.

From the limited YouTube videos I’ve seen of both, I think Ryan is better at creating offense than both Poole and Carmody. I think that is a role we are going to need filled.

Kentucky head coach John Calipari was in tonight for top-50 Mars High guard Robby Carmody, per source

Interesting. I think that speaks to Carmody’s higher upside compared to our other 2018 priorities. That said, UK would be a bad place for him to end up – he would most likely be used as a glorified scout-team player and get shoved further down the bench as the late-deciding five-stars piled up. See Charles Matthews etc. He should come to Michigan.

Sure it speaks to Carmody’s promise (or what UK thinks of him to a certain degree), but it doesn’t really say anything about Jerome Hunter, Cormac Ryan or Brandon Johns.

I just think Carmody has by far the highest upside and I think getting a look from Calipari – who mainly sticks to top-25 types – confirms that. Hunter is a nice player also. The other two, I think, are nice fits for our program but not the kinds of guys that Kentucky would ever take a serious look at, for better or worse. Personally I like Kentucky types – Cal won’t look at a guy who doesn’t project as a plus defender – as long as they are also good students and nice people, etc. etc.

Cal is from that area. I’m sure he takes a trip every year just to look and reconnect with some coaches.

Don’t think I agree with your assertion that Calipari won’t look at a kid unless he projects to be plus defender. I hadn’t given it much thought, but doubt it’s true.

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I really hope we don’t lose him to Syracuse of all teams.

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The tournament is in Elmira, NY, my hometown. It’s only about an hour and a half for Syracuse to drive down, if they felt like going back and forth. It’s a quick 45 minute flight from Detroit as well.