2018 - G - Duane Washington Jr (Offer)


Given the rumor of Drake Harris, I wonder if Beilein cools on some '18 targets. Harris would have a year under his belt going into 2018 and ease the imbalance btw a big 2018 class and a smallish 2019 class.


I doubt it. We are still in on a lot of good targets for 2018 and Drake is pretty much an unknown at this point.


I agree I don’t see how Drake gets a scholarship next year. No room unless multiple people transfer


As someone else kind of mentioned the players and staff at um probably know more about Harris as a Bball player right now than we do. Maybe it’s a pleasant surprise.


If Drake makes the switch to basketball, I’d be very surprised if he was a rotation player this season. When did he last play EYBL? It was years ago. It would be crazy to expect him to make the switch, learn Michigan’s offense and somehow contribute. He could be a nice boost in practice though. I also don’t expect him to have an impact on Michigan’s recruiting decisions for the 2018 or 2019 classes.


I will be very surprised too. I remember that he skipped his senior year BB to enroll early, so it would be at least 4 years since he last played organized basketball. That said, the timing of the switch suggests that at least he believes (it could be a total illusion but more likely based on feedback from basketball staff) that he could contribute beyond the practice squad. Otherwise, as he is not totally buried in the depth chart in FB, he could at least wait until the end of the football regular season to test the water, then make a decision on what he wants to do with his last year of eligibility.

Harris certainly will be behind MAAR at 2G but I don’t see him necessarily behind either freshman Brooks and Poole as the back for MAAR. He has a mature 6’4 body and elite athletism, which should at least translate to a more competent defender.


He doesn’t have a mature body for his age, nor is he an elite athlete.


I disagree that he was not buried on the football depth chart–he was moved from his position to one he never played in college and was not seeing the field defensively behind very inexperienced guys. At that point, why get beat up physically in football practice when you have an alernative which keeps your scholarship this year and gives you at least a remote chance of keeping it next year if attrition leaves one available? I can’t imagine Beilein told him or even suggested that he was likely to see meaningful action–Beilein doesn’t tell that to recruits, much less someone who hasn’t played organized basketball in four years.


Snow said it’s between UCLA and OSU at this point.


Those are the schools he took OVs to. I expect OSU.


It’s OSU for sure


OSU confirmed


Soooo Washington goes OSU. Locke moves his visit up presumably to beat Ahrens to a decision. Does a Washington commit push Ahrens to a quicker commit?



Ahrens is going to OSU. Lock it in.


I don’t want to hijack this thread of Duane Washington. but Drake Harris is our 4th CB on the depth chart. Among the three rotating DB ahead of him, both Long and Hill are highly recruited for this position (Long is top 100 and Hill is top 150 overall) and saw plenty of actions last year. Watson is a senior. Harris played against FL when both Watson and Long was hurt. The highly recruited freshmen Ambry Thomas (top 100 overall) only played on special teams so far. The only other CBs are early enrollee St-Juste, who was the #1 victim of the Spring game, and Nate Johnson, who switched from slot during fall camp. The fact that we have not heard anything new indicates that Don Brown and JH might’ve convinced Harris to stay, at least for now. We can all see if Drake is with the FB team this Saturday.


I think you are mistaken about Ambry Thomas only playing special team. He played plenty in the Airforce game in the CB rotation


I might’ve missed something. But mgoblog’s UFR had zero mention of Ambry Thomas either.



This thread was officially hijacked. Don’t we have a Drake Harris thread to discuss him?