2018 - G - Duane Washington Jr (Offer)


That makes sense. I know some guys transfer to get more exposure and add more offers so not sure if this has been in the works for awhile where that was his ultimate goal, or if he just wanted to go somewhere to play top level competition and get better. If so, Cali is quite the distance to go to do that when there are other major prep programs that are closer. Good for him though wanting to get better.


Duane’s father is Derek Fishers older brother. His dad was also a 2nd round NBA draft pick in 1987. His move out west is to live with Uncle Derek and be mentored/developed.


I like Derek, but he’s had some issues lately (freeway crash while drunk). Hopefully he’s gotten it together.






Just how close are dejulius and Washington? Played together no? I like the kids game but I’d still like a bit more size and speed in this class.




Wow. That’s a pretty big offer.


Not to mention it’s easy to see him become infatuated with his new surroundings in SoCal and want to keep that going.

I also found the comments about the DeJulius dynamic interesting. If he really thinks his game blew up when he stopped playing with David, is he going to want to sign back up to do it again?


He could also get homesick and decide he wants to stay close to family :wink:


Good question, on the other hand, where won’t there be competition at the PG spot? At a mid major?



Ohio State will host 2018 @TheFamily_bball guard Duane Washington Jr. for an official visit on Friday @Kevin_Noon https://t.co/id867mUNpD

— Corey Evans (@coreyevans_10) September 10, 2017



I’d put my money on OSU.



If he goes OSU, is that helpful at all with Ahrens?


ohio needs a lot of players this class.