2018 - G - Duane Washington Jr (Offer)

This is so great to see! I absolutely love this young man as a player and a person.

I would be very surprised if he doesn’t commit as long as Sparty doesn’t get involved.

His EYBL stats were awesome this season and his jump shot rains pure and true consistently. Big upside if his handle continues to develop. So happy for him!!

That may all be true but it also likely means no Iggy, Tyson or Locke. What was shaping up up to be JBs second best class is now looking just ok.

How does it mean no on all of those guys? Seems like Washington would probably take the spot of Locke (as a shooting off guarD).

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Locke got offered up. He’s not coming here. Iggy can commit whenever he wants, if he wants.

I’m not basing it just on this offer, but that combined with the offer to Aherns and the fact that we aren’t really trending well with Iggy, Lock or Tyson and it seems more likely than not we get shut out for all three.

Why would you say we’re not trending well with Brazdeikis? Everything I’ve seen says we’re at or near the top with him. Is there a link you could provide?

Gonna be REALLY interesting to see who jumps first at their offers now. REALLY interesting.

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They are trending just fine for all 3, but none are in any hurry to make a decision so that’s where JB needs to make decisions whether to wait and potentially risk striking out or go after close plan B guys who may commit sooner. Michigan is a favorite to get an official visit from Locke so I don’t know how that’s trending poorly. Iggy has been high on Michigan all along but he said he isn’t gonna decide for several months. Tyson who knows.

I believe Locke, Washington and Ahrens probably are competing for one spot. Iggy is definitely on his own. It remains to be seen if Tyson would be a take regardless because of his versatility or not. He may still be an option even if one of those 3 commit

Yup. My guess is that from among Washington, Locke, Ahrens and Tyson, all of whom have offers, and Mitchell Kopp, who has us in his final 6 despite not yet having an offer, we’ll take one, and save one for Brazdeikis unless it becomes clear he’s not coming at which point we might (or might not) take two. First come, first served.

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Kansas leads for Locke by a lot, Iggy looks like the proverbial long recruitment that we finish second an and there hasn’t been much positive buzz about Tyson recently which I think is why we are seeing more offers go out.

Source re: Locke?

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Kansas may get Locke, but there’s absolutely no evidence out there that they lead “by a lot.” Noah Locke is not a top 10 kid who can wait and know that Kansas will find a spot for him–if he knows where that’s where he wants to go, or even strongly believes it, he’s jumping on that offer now before it goes away.

We may finish second for Iggy, but one of the two most recent “proverbial long recruitment(s)” we were involved in was Brandon Johns. We didn’t finish second in that one. Believing Iggy is trending badly is simply pessimism, not evidence based.

There hasn’t been much buzz about Hunter Tyson lately. However, since the guys we’ve offered (Ahrens, Washington) or gotten involved with (Kopp) are rated similarly, if not better than Tyson in many services, I’m not sure how getting one instead of Tyson bumps the class downward.


Any links to insider guys that show we’re not trending well for them, or is this completely anecdotal?

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Don’t bother. :slight_smile:


That’s strange… what’s the rationale here?

I feel like the thing that people are missing here is that this all is pretty normal. I can’t think of a year where U-M didn’t uncover and pursue new targets in July, many of whom got offered.

Washington, by all accounts, played very well in July. He’s an in-state kid and he’s someone that U-M has been evaluating for a while.

Sierra Canyon is a similar type program to La Lumiere from what I gather. Seems like that he is taking his development seriously and trying to play in a college-like situation to prep for the next season. Guess we will see how that worked out for Poole this year