2018 - G - Cormac Ryan (Stanford)



Blanket statement: Very few players had/ have a better skill set than Stauskas–it is the reason he was able to flourish in high school and college. I suspect his ball handling was underrated because he was a not very flashy ball handler–rather minimalist–with a sometimes very high dribble. Ironically, I think his style helped him on the court because many defenders never seemed completely convinced that Stauskas was an elite ball handler–so they reached in a bit more than should have…

Regarding Ryan: I like the way he plays a lot…


I was there on Saturday, and I think he’s closer to Kevin Huerter than either Staukas or Poole. I like Huerter a lot, so I’d be very happy with a Ryan commitment.


Like the Huerter comparison. Just watched some youtube of him from a couple years ago (Dec '14) so I could gage at similar stages. Ryan seems to be a bit niftier with the dribble and pass than Huerter, but good comp.


FTR, I just said Ryan would be top 50 when it’s all said and done and I’ll stand by that. Stauskas isn’t the guy I’d come up with as a comparison.


Cormac up to #54 on ESPN. Probably a tad higher than I would rank him, but no doubt an upper tier talent.



Any word on his interest in us, or lack thereof? Is he wishing hard for that Duke offer?


What I can tell you is the staff likes Ryan VERY much.


Cormac Ryan 62nd in Rivals new rankings, not ranked by Scout.


136 per Scout, which is likely to go up. Definitely a top 60-80 type player



Visiting this weekend. Put together some fresh highlights

Kid is really, really good. Pretty clear how good of a fit he’d be on the offensive end when you watch those highlights.


stauskas-esque jab step


Yep, I love The way Ryan plays. Same with Poole and Brooks, they are kids who make watching basketball fun.


Film reminds me a lot of Steve Vasturia of Notre Dame, who is a nice complementary player. Still prefer Carmody by a big margin.


Any chance we are on commitment watch?


Would be quite a shock.





Basically the first JB sighting since the season started, don’t know how this guy stays under the radar but wish Mor got out about who he has been watching.