2018 - F - Pete Nance (NW Commit)


I don’t know why we would want both Nance and Johns. They are both college PFs and that’s about it IMO. Ignas should be our top priority as he can play alongside Johns at the SF spot. Not surprised at all Nance went elsewhere. Hunter and Ignas are SFs and getting one of them should be our top priority and hopefully it’s Ignas we land. Not sure I’d take Tyson as he doesn’t seem to me like a top tier SF in the big ten.


I think we got our got in Brandon Johns and we some amazing more ready targets at the 3 and 4. Nance has solid upside but not a guy we necessarily needed at all.


Tyson’s film is interesting IMO, and he’s young for his grade. But either way, we can take him and one of Hunter/Iggy. I like Locke, too. He can shoot it.


I will be very surprised if there were not some negative recruiting during his NW visit, and I am implying Donlon here.

that said, i am fine with Nance going NW.


I don’t see Collins or donlon doing that at all. At least not from what we’ve read.


Interesting is exactly how I’d describe it. Very poor eybl numbers and not too athletic. Ideally, is love both Ignas and Jerome hunter but they are both 3s. Just like Johns and Nance both being PFs, we only need one. We got the nettervofvthectwo PFs and hopefully we get the better of the two SFs(Ignas).

Watched a few more videos, if we are getting Tyson to be Poole and Ignas/Hunter’s backup, that would be perfect. But for him to be our SF option going forward, I’d be very skeptical about that.


Hunter is athletic and skilled enough to play the two IMO. Which is why I’d take him over Tyson or Locke. Figure out the exact rotation later. Matthews could end up leaving early for all we know or some other wing could transfer or be a dud. There’s enough skill and versatility between Johns, Iggy, and Hunter that I think JB could work it out.

I don’t think it’s likely we take both Iggy and Hunter (for one, one of them might not want to commit to a potential logjam at their positions), but it’s what I’d do. Vital to get at least one of them. And Tyson is good enough that it won’t make anyone cringe if he commits.


I’m not saying don’t take him, we should if he wants to. I don’t think he’s good enough to be our starting SF is all I’m saying. Ignas and Jerome Hunter can both be our starting SF pretty early in their careers IMO.


I don’t see Hunter as having the ball skills to play the 2. I like him a lot, but he’s a 3/4 IMO.


He’s more of a 3/4 right now. But there is definite room and time for improvement to be good enough as a 2. Speculation is that we would take Tyson as a 2/3/4 if he were to commit. His ball skills are significantly better Hunter’s when it comes to the perimeter. Plus Hunter has a higher ceiling in that regard. If we believe that Tyson is a take as a 2, then I think Hunter has to be a take as a 2 as well.

I’d be willing to take Locke even if it costs us Hunter (assuming we get Iggy) because he is a clear 2 and is also one of the best shooters in his class. I don’t think Tyson is as good of a shooter and doesn’t have the clearly superior ball skills to take as a 2.


Ooh, I remember reading an article alleging that Collins verbally abused a player into leaving to open up a scholarship. I can’t remember where this was.

Edit: found it, I didn’t read it yet but Teddie Greenstein Northwestern super homer warning. https://www.google.com/amp/www.chicagotribune.com/sports/college/ct-northwestern-lawsuit-basketball-spt-1116-20161115-story,amp.html


The two in our offense is a guy who will handle the ball in pick and roll situations. I don’t see that from him.


It’s not essential to play that position. You do need some handles. Rahk wasn’t a good PnR guy this past year and yet he played a vast majority of the minutes there. You need at least one guy to be able to run the PnR on the floor. You don’t absolutely need two.

I definitely could with another year of development. And Tyson isn’t going to excel in that area either. So why would we take him over Hunter even if Iggy dropped first? That’s just how I’d do it.

And we all know JB has changed his offense several times here. I’m confident he could find a way to make it work. The common thing we’ve had his entire tenure is shooting. And all our remaining targets have that. I’d take the higher upside guys, personally.


I remember reading that about Collins. Between that and some interviews I wouldn’t jump to defend Collins. On the other hand, maybe there is more to the Johns’ announcement and timing than we know.


I guess I’m viewing negative recruiting as saying, “Beilein is a old man who’s no fun to play for, and Michigan is a terrible school” which I just don’t think they’d say. Now, “look we’re recruiting you to be our guy at the 4 and we want you more than anyone else” allows nance to fill in the blanks but is just normal recruiting to me.

Note: I’m not following the NW recruit board so I don’t know if that desire statement would hold water.


I’m ok with thIs. John’s> nance all day. Particularly right now. John’s doing it against the top level

Now we can wait on hunter and ignas. Potentially both. I think we land one. Probably ignas imo.


Here’s the feature article on Vice. Did NW basketball run off Johnnie Vassar?


I think Pete Nance has a very high ceiling and I would’ve loved to have him on our team. I absolutely don’t think Pete Nance will reach that potential at Northwestern and I don’t think he’ll ever be a player I’m worried about facing. Maybe I’m wrong, time will tell.


He was probably on the fence and Brandon’s commit pushed him to NW. I also wouldn’t be surprised if the timing of Brandon’s commit was a tactical move to edge out Pete.
We’re stacked at the four with two physically mature guys in John’s and Livers. No path to PT for Pete for 2 years.


Do we even know if Beilein still wanted Nance once he had Johns in the fold? Does he still want the other 4s that he has been recruiting or is he going to focus on the 2 and 3 spots?