2018 - F - Pete Nance (NW Commit)


Guys go read what dot just posted on the scout board…

Very interesting


no access. synopsis?


Currie will likely be 2018


I’m confused as to why when you just brought in Johns and more than likely you’re bringing him in early to redshirt. Also I get that Currie is more likely a 5 but why not wait on this decision and see if you can land a Shittu and if you can’t then reclassify Currie.


I think that the only down-side for this move is that it prevents a grad transfer for that year, otherwise it gets Currie in early. That would at least give him a true strength training program, full-time access to coaching sooner, and allow him to situate to the college life. Very interesting move


Agree, provided that I’m right in feeling very confident that Currie’s reclassification will be contingent upon there being a scholarship available after the season due to attrition and/or early entry, and will not preclude us from signing two more guys to go along with Johns and DeJulius in the fall.


Duncan, MAAR, and Simmons graduate in '18 but there are no graduating seniors in the '19 class (assuming Mo leaves next year). That means in terms of scholarships, Beilein has to look at '18 and '19 as one pool (likely 6-7 depending on attrition). Currie has already taken one of those and there is no other realistic 5 on the radar (Shittu isn’t coming), so there’s no reason not to get Currie into the program as soon as possible. This also covers Beilein if Wagner (likely) goes to the NBA. And what if Teske doesn’t advance and Davis clearly moves ahead of him? Currie covers them in '18-'19 in case of attrition.
The biggest need now is on the wing. So they can now focus on Tyson (on campus today), Hunter, Iggy, Locke, Weems, and Watts to fill those 6 scholarships from the two classes,
Bottom line is it looks like they took Currie over Nance, which makes good sense.


I wonder how the conversation w/Nance went down over the weekend. Some of this must have been conveyed. Beilein is becoming a little more Machiavellian with the roster management, which is a good thing in my book.


I’m not getting the impression that this is what happened. More like Nance turned them down and the move in response was to say, the heck with it, let’s bring Currie in early. Which probably made sense because Nance was a 2 year project, so with him not in the class, it made sense to get started with Currie early.


Again, I’m really not hearing that this is how it went down. I could be wrong, but the people I’m hearing this from aren’t usually wrong about stuff like this.


You just don’t make a decision to reclass overnight. It is a process.


The only downside of Currie coming in early is we lose the potential of brining in a grad transfer which is not insignificant, but might be worth the earlier development of Currie. Lots of moving parts for the 2018 and 2019 classes and will be very interesting to see how it all plays out.

I like the pickups so far, but still think we need a more dynamic, athlete for the one of the wing spots that can play D and get to the hoop.


I was thinking the same thing. I would’ve loved to just decide one day to simply skip a year of high school😂


Well, if I’m correct, it’s something they discussed with Currie and were prepared for as a backup plan.

Although maybe something changed and they didn’t want Nance in the end, but it’s just not what I’m hearing.


Is he their highest ranked recruit ever?


I believe you’re correct. I don’t know for sure but I think I remember people saying that.


Yeah I think so, people were trying to say that Cormac Ryan would be (which I think was wrong) but Nance should finished ranked higher than Vic Law I believe.