2018 - F - Pete Nance (NW Commit)


He’s a good shot blocker, but he’s about 195 lbs and not that tall. There’s a big difference (in my eyes) between being a 5 long term and potentially at some point being able to play a smallball five. So I would say definitely at the four.

I know some people are down on Nance, but if you watch him play then you can kind of see why people think so highly of his future. He has some impressive tools


Just off of descriptions; facilitator, can refine his shot, room for growth, good at a lot, great at???, I’m dreaming he could become what we hoped Kam Chatman would be or what Denzel valentine was. Valentine could do so much, by senior year he was incredible as a point forward. Hope if nance commits he proves worth the wait.

I checked and valentine was around 100th nationally, but 6’5" 205 is closer to NCAA weight than Pete is now


I feel like his game (long, skinny, lanky, pretty good ball handler, can score inside with quirky post moves, had a nice pull up shot, long arms and a solid shot blocker, but not particularly explosive) is very similar to Tayshaun Prince.


I am deferring to the rankings, but I am a bit concerned about nance. I like his smooth jumper, and shot blocking. I also think he handles well and is a nice passer. I dont see a 60 ranking though. Also has he put up big names against any big competition yet?

I see the upside i suppose but I wish he was a bit more explosive. He looks athletic and long but he has a lot of soft finishes on the films I see where he doesn’t get up very high. I do really enjoy his ability to run though and pass. Obviously that pull up is super smooth. I think he will develop the three ball. I don’t know

I guess I trust beilein to bring out his raw abilities and make him into a beast ala Dj Wilson in a few years. It is odd to me though that Dj would be ranked in the hundreds in high school while Nance is so high. I liked Dj’s film a lot when i first watched it and was impressed.


Pete Nance to Northwestern


WOW. We were thought to be pretty strong leaders, Donlon goes to Nwestern and he doesn’t even make it to his official at Michigan.



Didn’t expect or want this. Though with Livers and now Johns, I think we have some leeway.

This wouldn’t perhaps be Johns taking Nance’s “spot” would it?


While getting beat out by Northwestern twice in a week is pretty embarrassing, I’m pretty happy with this outcome. I’m sure all of us prefer Hunter and Bradzekis as forward options.


Well that is surprising. I always find it odd when players commit on a visit when they still have other visits scheduled. This is not Nance specific, recruiting is just a really weird game. Oh well, hopefully Michigan can close on one of the other forward prospects.


I think this is pretty normal. If you are deciding between two places and know that you want to go on one and receive a bit of pressure to commit on the trip, it is only natural. Also, he was on campus last weekend.


Too late to get on the Bingham train now. Would have taken Nance, but i hope this means we could take Iggy and Hunter. Can dream at least.


Funny how things go. I think Nance could’ve been very good at Michigan, but today’s an easy one to feel good about UM’s '18 class and 4-spot recruiting (although it might impact the small ball 5 consideration).

Side note – Northwestern is a place to reckon with going forward. Collins + new facilities + Chicago + academics, etc.


I know it is not an abnormal occurrence, and there is always more going on behind the scenes than most of us are aware of. I just think its odd that you have two trips planned to make a final decision, and just because a coach applies pressure you make a decision despite not giving the other option a chance to make their final pitch.

Again, no shots at Nance or any of the other kids who do it, I am sure it is tough to say no to the pressure as a high school kid. It is very easy for me as an adult to say tell the coaches to wait a few days for you to take your last trip.

Recruiting is just a weird process to follow sometimes, not that it stops me from following it. Oh well, glad Johns picked the good guys and good luck to Nance except when he plays Michigan.


UMBig11, who I don’t think has ever been wrong, and MattD both said that Nance was all-but-committed this past weekend (when it was obviously known Donlon would no longer be on board)… very weird that he would commit at NWestern before even making it to Michigan, especially knowing that information. Something about that bothers me…


He definitely looked like a kid who was on the verge of committing at camp. Spent a ton of time with Beilein, Beilein introduced him to DeJulius, etc. I have to think that the Johns commitment changed things a bit, but tough to know exactly how.


Billy Donlon looks like an ashamed Adam Banks after he joined the Mighty Ducks in that picture


But in all seriousness, the idea that more than 2 of these combo forwards (Johns, Nance, Iggy, Hunter, Tyson) were all going to be part of the same class was unrealistic. And if one of them was to go elsewhere, I’m super glad it’s Nance. If we get even 1 of Iggy or Hunter then it’s worth it


Seems clear to me the staff sees him purely as a four, and with Johns and Livers already on board, there’s really no need for a third guy at that position. You’ve got Davis, Teske and Currie at the five. Have to think we see Anderson, Tyson, Hunter, and Iggy as guys who can play the three, and we feel good about Poole and Brooks at the two (but I’m sure we would take Locke too). I like Nance as a prospect but Johns is the better talent.


It bothers me too but maybe he saw a quicker route to playing time or who Michigan has offered.


If you’re all-but-committed, you’re not committed. If Johns and Hunter had committed in the interim, we wouldn’t be able to blame JB either for “pulling the offer” before Nance committed.

It does point to perhaps the value of getting commits and/or having more offers out there.