2018 - F - Pete Nance (NW Commit)


And so what if they do? Prospects are being critiqued all over the country…

Nothing that was said here was out of line.


Especially compared to the stuff that people tweet at them. There’s no reason to get upset about critiquing a player due to the 0.01% chance that he not only sees it, but decides all Michigan fans must be assholes for thinking he’s not perfect and then choosing a college based on that.


Prediction for M in this little blurb.


First of all, we are in it for the long haul with Pete Nance as a prospect. He needs strength and to be more productive at times, but his overall skill and bloodlines (father and brother are NBA talents) are too much to ignore.

This one is coming down to the trio of Michigan, Northwestern and Ohio State, he could have a decision relatively soon. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if he decides before June finishes up. Ohio State is running behind with the Wolverines and Wildcats pretty much neck and neck. If forced to make a call I’d probably lean in the direction of Ann Arbor, but it’s close.


It’d be pretty remarkable if NW was able to pull Nance and Ryan. Those are two quality players with plenty of options.


Im hoping thats the case, just don’t know. Id take him if it still meant a Johns or Iggy (someone ready to play day 1).

Also, don’t know how the staff views Nance in terms of position. Is he a straight 4? Dosent have a 5’s game but do they see a potential versatile 5 man. Nance could still grow 1-2 more inches. Typically Beilein has at least 3 5’s on the roster and w/ Wagner potentially gone in '18 they’ll need a 3rd body there.


Would we not be able to take Nance to go along with Swider/Johns/Iggy? I’d have to imagine so considering the amount at that position we’re recruiting.

Then two more wings (say Carmody and Hunter) and Dejulius as the class? Unlikely we get all of those but it’d be a hell of a class.




Brian Snow thinks Michigan will be “very tough to beat for his services.” (Insider Article)


I just went back and re-watched the film on Nance. He has an awful lot of tools in his toolbox. He might not explode onto the scene as a freshman but after a few years, this kid could be a monster for us. He looks like the perfect 4 for what JB likes to run.


I’d take a project if we take a more game ready freshman to play 4 (Iggy/Johns/Swider/Thompson) in addition to PN.


I hear you on Nance. With that said, you don’t think Livers will be “game ready” by his sophomore year?


Sure, but need some depth at the position. Livers would be only 4 available if Nance redshirts.



Does Nance shoot many 3’s? He’s got such a nice mid-range jumper off the dribble and I like that he’s a good passer and seems to distinguish good shots but I’d like to see him take some more 3’s in his videos!


His best perimeter skill IMO is his passing ability. About 15% of his shot attempts last year at Revere were threes and he connected at sub-30% rate. On the flip side, he shoots around 40% of his shots from the mid-range where he’s obviously pretty solid.

That range can extend over time, but he’s also playing lower-level high school so there will be some adjustment period.


Really? His stroke doesn’t look like it’d result in sub-30%…he looks so smooth on the mid-range. At any rate, I’d be pretty excited to add him to the class.


Very low sample size – but I would also argue that how many threes you shoot at the HS level is almost a bigger indicator than the percentage. I think he has the potential to hit those shots though.


Is Nance a 4 or a 5 long term? I feel like with the targets we have, it makes sense to try and make him a smalll ball 5 like Wilson at the end of last year, right?


Potentially. But like DJ, won’t be a viable option there, even as small ball 5 til year 3 at the earliest. Unless his development really kicks into gear faster than we’d expect