2018 - F - Pete Nance (NW Commit)


How bad was his weekend at Spiece that would draw so much criticism?

Maybe he’s a little overrated but there’s got to be a reason he went from unrated to Top 40 with a decent offer list. In the clips I’ve seen, it looks like he puts forth good effort on the defensive end and has a really smooth mid-range stroke. At 6’8+ and a good kid to boot, he’s got a lot more to offer than just “passing”

I like Hunter the most of the guys we’re after but 1 bad weekend in AAU doesn’t scare me.


I don’t know. I believe I saw videos of Larry’s senior year and although he showed some leaping ability when there was no contact, his power/ explosiveness seemed very hampered (relative to what you would expect from a future NBA player) by the slightest contact. Pete’s athleticism looks to be a step down from that even… I also have no idea how his athleticism would be effected by Chron’s disease. I just have a hunch that they are late bloomer’s in terms of muscularity if not height. Just my 2 cents…

More generally speaking, I think it is always a good idea to significantly boost a player’s projected value based in part upon whether or not their relatives are good players :slight_smile:


How bad was he the past couple events? Pretty much scoreless, air balls, zero effect on game.

From someone who was there and saw first hand- He looked completely out of place. Some co-workers were joking among themselves that someone paid off Bossi to rank him that high.

Take it for what it’s worth. Locker room talk type stuff.


This is interesting, scout also ranked him in the 80’s and brian snow is generally very critical of guys with games like nance


What were the couple of events? Are there stats from the games?
I don’t mind someone looking out of place in AAU but I’d like to see more video of him from these events.


I think you have to take the AAU circuits for what they are; they promote a lot of 1-on-1, individual play over team-oriented play. Generally the athleticism is very high at the elite AAU events, but the team flow and defensive schemes not so much.

If you’re looking for a pick-and-roll lead guard or a wing capable of having the offense run through him, those are very good showcase events. If you are looking for a “glue guy” to do a lot of the little things as a background scoring option, those AAU tournaments aren’t great evaluation areas.

I have not seen Pete Nance play in person so I’m not commenting on him directly, but just trying to frame the data from AAU ball this summer.

To me, AAU for say a guy like David DeJulius is a more important data point/evaluation showcase than AAU play for a center or tall wing rebounder/defender.


Also, IIRC, DJ missed his junior year with an injury, making it more difficult to evaluate him.


Understandable, however I tend to just watch the tools end of things. If I’m not seeing tools, and he’s producing, I’m obviously always missing something. But if I don’t see many natural tools and then he dosent produce against actual D1 kids, it’s a flag for me. All I stated before I saw what happened at Speice was that I wasn’t sold on him based on some HS video.

Can’t say he’s explosive in any way. Not vertically, laterally, with or without the ball. His shot is flat. Feet are extreamly slow. No fluidity. Almost awkward/stiff at times. Good vision, and could be crafty around the hoop in some post up situations. Definately long. Again, just seems like a NW’ish type talent to me.


The key with a long gangly 16 year old like Nance is to be able to project what he’ll be like in two more years. Too often, people will say that he’ll never do this or be that. Beilein doesn’t always get it right, but he has his own criteria and he’s pretty good at playing to a players strengths, developing and instilling confidence.


Here is a positive tweet from last weekend on Nance. Odds are in a 5 man class for us we are going to have at least 1 development type recruit. If so Nance might not be a bad long term project, saying that I haven’t seen him play live but sounds like he is one of the more realistic options right now to be in the 18 class.


Given that we have room in this class to take a 3/4 that can contribute immediately, I would take the chance on Nance. I believe that his athleticism will eventually come.


Let’s walk through this…

  1. No one really sees Pete play because he plays at a small school in Ohio that doesn’t play in any major tourneys and a small AAU team.
  2. A couple of local guys get the ear of a national guy in this case Corey Evans at Rivals who has Ohio ties that Nance is going to be something special and is having a great year.
  3. Everyone knows how good his brother is, there’s a buzz, Rivals moves him all the way up to the top-40.
  4. Now that his status is out there as a highly rated kid, everyone marks their schedule when he’s going to play against the Spiece Indy Heat (Brandon Johnson, Bingham, etc.) on Friday night at Spiece (the one night basically everyone ends up watching the same game.
  5. Nance plays poorly.
  6. Everyone overreacts and corrects in the opposite direction because he didn’t play up to his (probably overrated) standing.

The reality of it? The truth is probably somewhere in the middle. Nance is a good prospect with a lot of potential, but maybe not a top-40 type of kid right now.


Overall agree Dylan. No one should write him off or proclaim him to be a top player yet.

But to be fair, it wasn’t just one game, one night. Its been a handful of games now. He has yet to have a good weekend on the circuit. Believe me, would LOVE to see him breakout at some point since we probably lead, or close to it.


He’s yet to have a good weekend? People were talking positively about him after the first weekend at the Hoop Group event at the very least.


I agree that I would be comfortable rolling the dice on Nance as a development project.

But to clarify, in the '18-19 season there only really projects to be room for one freshman in the primary rotation ---- a 3/4 wing, preferably one who can defend the 4-spot. Potentially a stud 5 can jump Teske or Davis, but that’s more of luxury recruiting over your roster than “need to have” recruiting.

Simpson/Poole/Brooks/DeJulius would seem to have guard spots covered. Matthews would likely be in line for 30+ minutes at one wing. Livers would be in line for quality minutes at the wing. The gap for a first year player would be the 3rd wing to contribute ---- maybe Watson’s able to by his 3rd year in the program, maybe by his 2nd season Poole will have positional flexibility to play the 2 or the 3. But that is an area where an instant impact freshman wing could have an easier path to 20-25 minutes per game.


I’ll take your word for it! Just not sold on him as a top priority.

Can anyone confirm or deny that Nance has or has not been on campus and received an official offer?


I just hope that he and other recruits don’t read this blog.


I can’t vouch for any recruit but can confirm that players have read fan sites.


The top priority of '18 is wings, a lot of wings. Ideally we take 1 2/3, 2 3/4 and 1 4/5.


Yes, they do read sites very familiar to us.