2018 - F - Jerome Hunter (IU Commit)

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I like this guy better than the others we are recruiting for 2018. Seems to have guite the versatile game and more athletic.

I’ve been saying it for a while (not here), but Hunter is the #1 PF on the board right now, and with good reason in my opinion.

The staff has cooled on Johns, as his production simply doesn’t warrant his (over) ranking as an upperclassmen. The staff was really disappointed in Johns over the summer.

Would love to get Hunter in the mix along with Dave and an NBA type creator/athlete. I look at Jerome and see potential for a CJ Fair/Marvin Williams type of role.

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I agree the goal should be to find a creator on the perimeter. Might be a diamond in the rough caris/nik type; but I’d feel better if it was a 5* stud. Otherwise we’re likely stuck at ‘top half of Big Ten’ good.

Hunter’s production so far this year has been prolific. He’s a very intriguing prospect who’s game is expanding rapidly. I’d LOVE to see him at M.

Would think osu would be the top competition for hunter and they already have bazley and ahrens as forwards

Obviously OSU is the hometown school, so they’ll always be in the mix most likely. That said, Bazley does project to a very similar role, so that could potentially be something to factor. When I’ve spoken to Jerome he seems genuinely interested in Michigan, but he is very guarded with what he says publicly, and quotes to be on the record.

…and Funderburk is taking a redshirt this season. Feel like they would share the same role, more or less.

Agreed. Bazley certainly the better ball handler while Hunter is the better shooter

Mostly discussion of Jerome Hunter from Akron St. V/St. M head coach, Dru Joyce. But there are some highlights included:

Michigan not trending well with Hunter at the moment.

Really like that kid too.

Hunter did this against good competition…Pickerington Central is the top team in Central Ohio…Manley is headed to North Carolina…Jeremiah Francis, son of former OSU forward Jerry Francis, is receiving more and more interest from majors and has an offer from WVU in his pocket…

I’ll reiterate, with an update as of today, Jerome Hunter is the #1 option at the PF spot in 18. Staff has been trying to get him back up to campus since the season started


Is Hunter just not feeling UM at all? I thought I recall that he was pretty pumped when we offered.

It would seem like a few hour drive would be feasible to a school he had legit interest in.

He has some interest, and was enthused at the time, but that’s when Michigan was one of, if not, his best offer.

Over the last 3-4 years Michigan usually lands kids where UM is clearly their best offer/one of the best, or alternatively, the dream school.

I think that changed a bit in 17, as Livers had options and I think Poole would’ve had more options had he waited. Coincidentally I think this is the best class we’ve had since 13. Have to beat other schools out instead of taking leftovers if that makes sense.

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Maybe his profile has not been updated but I’m looking at rivals and his only other comparable offers are OSU, Pitt, and WVU. Do you know who he is currently favoring?