2018 - F - Hunter Tyson (Offer)


Duncan would have made that wide open three.


Agreed and that’s also part of the point. They are not the same players aside from their height and skin color. Duncan is a better shooter. Tyson is better at everything else.


That’s the first miss he’s got on video, (x-1)/x has to be higher than DR’s percentage!



Reminds me of Gordon Hayward. Could easily see him in a Butler uni unfortunately. Hope that we can still land him


Clemson has been on him for a long time and he lives just down the road basically. I think they will be the ones to beat.


I agree with you. He’s not a midwest kid. We need to worry about the southern ACC schools.


Heck, I just realized he is less than an hour to Davidson too. Hoops is it at Davidson. JB better get his sales pitch perfect on this one.


Keep in mind that he reached out to UM initially, which hopefully indicates a serious interest. If he was sold on Clemson, would he have done that?



Any idea on his timeline? Previously it was going to be July (if he could decide).



What is his timeline? Kind of weird that he is considering Davidson with some of the other offers he has. He’s going to wait himself right out of a scholarship… I’ve had the feeling that he doesn’t want to go far from home though so maybe it’s by plan and he doesn’t care


Davidson is in the Atlantic 10 and is basically an Ivy League school academically. It’s a pretty good spot.



Looks like he has zero interest in playing far from home.


“We’re out of the running because RJ Barrett is silently committed.”

-CoryR’s friend


I always got the vibe that he wouldn’t go far from home. Seems like he would want to go where he is a perfect fit and where they have a proven track record of developing pros, but if he would rather just be comfortable at home then best of luck to him. Glad we have other options visiting soon


Translation, not getting enough love from UM, aka not high enough of a priority for the staff.


I figured that Tyson didn’t like that Michigan refused to move their campus and facilities to the Carolinas, but we can agree to disagree.