2018 - F - Hunter Tyson (Offer)


We’ll have a full update on him shortly (Orion just talked to him), but he’s planning a visit on June 30th and wants to decide in July. He certainly appears to be one to watch.

Starting this out in the subscriber forum then will bump it over once the post is live. Here’s the EYBL film from the recruiting roundup this morning.



Is he being recruited as a 2? He mentions the 2 guard offense. Sweet looking shot.


Being recruited as a 2/3


Can he dribble?


Hunter Tyson lives on the other side of Charlotte away from me. As his recruitment rolls along I’ll see if I can pick up his AAU & HS schedules and try to see him play a couple times.


He played guard growing up, and a growth spurt pushed him to a different position. A typical Beilein recruit. I think that he will be a 3 or small ball 4 eventually.


That’s a really intriguing write up, and that was before last season. He seems like a “forget the rankings” player.



Dribbled the ball in these highlife at least, had a recent growth spurt so still growing into body but don’t see him as the type of guard we need in terms of handles.

I hope the staff looks at it like they will take one project type who won’t contribute much right away but has the potential to be a monster down the road. Targets in that category for me are Gabe Brown, Tyson and Pete Nance.

Biggest thing to me is we need a big guard who can attack.


Of those three guys, give me Gabe. I see the athleticism, he has the right dimensions, can shoot the 3 and is from Michigan. Checks the boxes if we are looking for late soph contributions. Also sounds like he is a quick commit if we offer soon


Tyson looks pretty athletic to me. I’d love to get him.



I like both Tyson and Locke, but may prefer this guy over Locke. Bigger, better ball skills by a bit and maybe only a half notch behind in shooting, and that’s just because Locke is ridiculous.


Tyson’s visit tomorrow… should be an important one. I’ve been watching some film over the last couple of hours and he’s a very interesting prospect. Not really sure what one position he’d play at Michigan, but he’d be able to play a lot of them I think. He’s not the most consistent shooter, but he also has ridiculous range and shoots off the catch or bounce.


I’ll bet he’ll commit.


really like this kid. A baller, every move looks very natural. If you can put his D together, he will shine.


He has some pick & roll potential, that’s for sure.


@umhoops How do you expect today to go with Tyson? Should we expect an offer? If so, do you think Tyson would commit sooner than later?
Also- in your opinion, do we want Tyson committed asap, or would we rather wait to see how others pan out?


Hit on some of this on the front page:

I think Tyson is a take and I think you take him and then use it as leverage to push for that last spot. But obviously that’s just me.