2018 - F - Hunter Tyson (Offer)


Do you not think it’s possible for Hunter-Ignas-Johns to play the 2-3-4 together?


Could they? Sure you could try it. I also just think that if you keep taking guys who are very similar, the depth chart starts to play a role.

You can tell Johns he’s your 4 man, Tyson is the glue between multiple positions and a shooter, and then pitch Ignas and Hunter on being the guy – I think Jerome Hunter referred to it as ‘the wolf’ – who can go and hunt shots on the wing and be a big time scorer. Hard to sell the 2nd wolf.

PS… Having a Hunter Tyson and a Jerome Hunter on the recruiting radar can be very confusing.


call it wolf pack attack


Id be pretty happy with getting one of Tyson/ Locke and one of Hunter/ Iggy. Given that I think you have to take Tyson now if he’s ready to commit them save the last spot for Iggy or Hunter.


Yeah - it seems like we’re down to the “shooter” between Tyson/Locke and then the “wolf” between Iggy/Jerome.

Makes me think the true 4 was between Johns/Nance and Johns took it.

I’m still baffled we gave “offers” out to Damezi and Thompson. Seems bizarre for Beilein.

So far, I have to say I’m super pleased with how Beilein has recruited this class.



One thing that stands out to me with Tyson vs the others is his off-ball movement and ability to attack close-outs. I didn’t see that a lot from Iggy & Jerome.
He seems to have the highest basketball IQ of the bunch and I think he’s at least as athletic as Iggy.


I think his athleticism is underrated. He had a put back dunk and a crossover combo in EYBL that was nasty (in highlights somewhere). His foot speed is a bit slow, but I’d venture that has more to do with his current agility training than natural ability. An off season in Camp Sanderson and year to learn the system, I like his game a lot.


Also I think if I remember correctly he has a 4 inch growth spurt in the recent year that he’s probably still growing into his body.



I like the idea of having height mismatches at various positions. I’m very interested to see if Tyson can play some 2 at the collegiate level.



I know they’re highlights. I don’t know how good he’ll be. But when people say he’s another Duncan Robinson, respectfully, there are things he does in a minute of highlight films at 16 years old that I’ve never seen Duncan do. He’s not the shooter Duncan is–few are–but he’s certainly got more diversity to his game.


I like his game alot.
Very wide base on his shot set up from 3. I’m not sure I like it. Looks a little awkward to my eyes.


Just a bit slow. Releases can be sped up.



Seems like a crapload more Nik Stauskas than DR


definitely not just a shooter.



LOL remember when people compared him to Duncan Robinson? Not even close… I really hope we get this kid. His game is versatile and he has some athleticism