2018 - F - Cole Swider (Target)

Michigan is in the top-8, interest is mutual. Here’s an update.


reminds me a bit of tj leaf, at the same age.

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Appears to be a good fit for this team and offense.

Where would you put him in line with the other 3/4 options? (Nance, Hunter, Johns, Ignas). To me he’s at the backend. Don’t think he provides the same multidimensional game as the rest of them.

  1. Hunter
  2. Nance
  3. Johns
  4. Swider
  5. Ignas

I am just not sold on Ignas like i probably should be

I like how he says in the article that Beilein talks to him about playing time opening up due to the draft. I think it’d be a fantastic recruiting tool if Moe and DJ are back to use them as examples of guys in that 50-10 range that have developed into future first round picks in the Beilein system and have these recruits be able to watch them still perform at Michigan.

  1. Hunter
  2. Nance
  3. Ignas - like his film better than the others and seems stronger than Nance
  4. Johns
  5. Swider

That’s my list and I am sticking to it (for now).

I’d like to see more film of nance against better comp. I think with his size/ potential/ bloodline he’s got the highest ceiling but off the two videos I’ve seen it goes


John’s might be above ignas actually but I’m still holding him back because Of last year. There’s little doubt in my mind though that nance is probably the second or fervor top prospect. I just can’t make a serious conclusion on nance until I see longer clips against better opponents. He certainly looks fluid for a 6-9 guy so I’m sure he’s ranked top 50 by some for good reason.

I think we’re all on the same boat that hunter and nance are the best fits behind or next to livers. I think if you take ignas you can take ignas and one of nance or hunter. Sliding to the three.

Agree with the lists but will say Swider could work if we get some athleticism and creativity with 2 of the other recruits in the class. There was a lot of debate last summer about who you take at PF depending on who we got in the backcourt in terms of shooting. Athletic ability especially with the ball is something that has been missing in the last few classes.

Hunter should be recruited specifically for the 3. He has to most well rounded game from film I have seen and is the most athletic. I can see him as a good defender also. Has good length. Livers will need to get stronger. To me he is a 3 at this point but his game needs to be able to translate to a 4.

DJ was not top 50. Mo was projected to be top 50 if he played HS ball in the U.S.

Whoops, that was supposed to say, “50-100 range” not “50-10” range.

Michigan’s recruitment of him barely mentioned (really not). Seems like maybe late to the party?

Michigan: “Everyone says that I fit right into their system so I want to learn more about it. I felt like Michigan, out of all of the schools that came onto my list, that it could be the best possible fit for me.”


^^^ Touche

Seems extremely likely Swider gets an offer soon after he visits.

Here’s a little blurb from Sam Vecencie about him:

Cole Swider is an offensive explosion waiting to happen
BABC was another one of my favorite players and teams to watch. The Massachusetts-based club has a couple of small guards in Maurice Works and Jakigh Dottin that are athletic and physical in all of the ways that I love on the floor — never backing down from anyone. But Cole Swider is the prize here. Not only is the 6-8 stretch-four a knockdown 3-point shooter that can create off of the bounce, but he’s also a fiery competitor who chirps after every made 3.

He went for 28 and nine in the first game I saw against an athletic Georgia Stars team led by consensus top-50 forward Jairus Hamilton despite only hitting 3 of 9 from deep. Later in the weekend, Swider dropped his third 30-plus point game of the 16-game EYBL run against another big, athletic front line in MOKAN Elite — led by Jontay Porter, Malik Hall and Roman Wilson. Swider’s tough inside with a built frame for his age, has the ability to attack closeouts at the 3-point line and obviously has a knockdown shot from distance.

It’s easy to see why smart, spread-out offensive teams like Michigan, Creighton, Providence, Villanova, Xavier and Wake Forest have offered him already given that well-rounded skill set. He’s a perfect modern 4 for the college game, and it’s encouraging that he seems to perform well against more athletic competition. He’s currently ranked No. 140 in the 247Sports composite, and I’d imagine that will rise soon.

Yep, Swider basically said as much here:

Hit on him on the recruiting roundup today as well with some fresh video:



Duke has become a junior college program. Brand new roster every year.