2018 - F - Cole Swider (Target)

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On to the next one!


Wow. He gone!

Top 100 forward Swider officially drops Michigan https://twitter.com/coleswider21/status/876533907616931840

Why is he delaying the inevitable and waiting to commit to Duke?

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I never understand why someone would give a top 8 after a Live Period and then give a top 4 in less than a month before another Live Period. Giving a list is basically to get attention (likes/retweets/favorites) on social media. The people around these kids need to do a better job of teaching them about the recruiting process especially the AAU coach.

I don’t see how it affects us much. If the kid wants to have his moment, let him.

It’s a risk for a player like him to wait though. He is much lower in the rankings than a typical Duke recruit. I assumed when Duke offered he would jump all over it

Oh I was responding to the guy mad about him putting out a top 4. I absolutely agree with what you said.