2018 - Big - Colin Castleton (Commit)


Where exactly do you get that he can shoot? or that he’s physical? We’ve hardly seen him in game action, and he looks decidedly smaller than Teske.


Not sure if anyone watched this (I haven’t yet) but came across a full game video from last season. I would like to see some games from this year to see his full body of work but didn’t spot anything on YouTube.


At 22:30 Castleton gets sassy with an annoying-know-it-all parent. I like it.


He made the court look very small.


Always love your optimism, Slyboog.


Sly is the ultimate M :unicorn::unicorn::unicorn::unicorn::unicorn:


I had Castleton pegged for a redshirt too, until I saw this most recent video. He will not be here 5 years from now, so why redshirt? Get him some game experience now even if it is as the third 5.


I don’t see redshirt either. his first year will be more like Moe’s first year, limited playing time but opportunities to shine. Could split minutes even with big Jon his 2nd year and potentially play 25+ minutes in the post-season.


Davis showed some range in high school. His HS coach ran some sets with Davis at the top of the key and gave him the green light to shoot from distance more in his senior season.

Davis’ main problem, aside from being behind two very capable centers, is a severe case of foul-itis. This was particularly apparent in the U-D game where he should have seen a ton of minutes but instead fouled out. That has got to get cleaned up or no one will see his rebounding or offensive skill because he won’t see the floor at all.


Indeed, I worked with a guy last summer who played against Davis in high school numerous times and confirmed that he has range extending to the three point line.


I too can confirm this. He played my HS as a senior, definitely has range to the three-point line. Like @Tom48160 said, I think Davis’ biggest problem is too many fouls.


I think some of it is athleticism but the foul situation could also be a byproduct of just not being in the flow of the game and being used to the speed of it. Minutes could help him there.


FWIW… This was Austin Davis’s HS shot chart in 2015-16 over 18 games… He made 4 threes on 4 attempts… but not like that was a staple of his game.


He’s never missed!


Our leading 3pt shooter for 2018/19 folks. Calling it!


Everyone weighs in with the limited knowledge they have. But when I hear people knock the playing of an Ibi Watson or Austin Davis I have to assume–at this stage–that they have got a little game, or wouldn’t be on a John Beilein team in the first place. They may not emerge as stars, but they aren’t palookas.


That’s gotta be one of the best shot charts out there. Looks like only 5 attempts from outside 6 feet lmao.


Not that unusual for a traditional big.


Only way Castleton redshirts is if Wagner comes back, which isn’t likely. With the way bigs get in foul trouble, having three who can play is important. And it’s not like the guys in front of him have proven they can play heavy minutes. Castlwtin also brings a weapon the others don’t have with his ability to shoot.


I’ve heard this from a few my buddies who travel more when scouting. They’ve said Florida high school basketball is generally overrated outside the very few elite teams. I honestly think Castleton could be the one I’m most excited about long term, but only time will tell.