2018-19 Schedule


UNC should be preseason top 10. They bring back Luke Maye, Cameron Johnson and Kenny Williams. Then they add Nasir Little who is a top 10 recruit and PG Coby White who is a top 25 recruit. That’s a good lineup.


Oh yay, this again.

UNC has a Final 4 caliber everything with a huge gaping hole at PG. There will be zero true PG’s on the roster next year, I guess fringe 5 star combo guard Coby White will give it a try. 7th Woods is pretty close to total bust status.


Wow, I thought Luke Maye was a senior for sure last year, and a 5th year senior at that.


Love this.

Tickets prices are going to end me but I need to see UNC in Crisler.

Should be a great early test.


Good to get a blue blood at home. Could be a springboard towards a heavily attended season. Student season tickets will be up


Looking forward to the Carolinas sweep in AA.


Wow this would be a huuuuuge win. @wolverheel will love this but I think UNC might be my offseason pick for national champ. Nassir Little is going to be a PROBLEM and him vs. Charles Matthews will be an incredible matchup. Going to be an incredibly entertaining game hopefully some revenge from last season is in order


Add UT Chattanooga after Thanksgiving.


Updated future schedule page to include a home game vs. Binghamton on December 29th. 11 of Michigan’s non-conference games are now known. https://umhoops.com/information/future-schedules/


Does that mean the schedule is complete then? Don’t they usually play 31 regular season games and now that there are 20 conf games, they should play 11 non conf games, correct?


I’m guessing we will get big ten games on December 1 and 3


Yes, I believe that is the plan – same as last year.


Looks like a pretty damn good schedule this year. Maybe the best built schedule we’ve had under Beilein?


Seems to be about on par with usual to me.

  • 1 true road game
  • 1 exempt tournament
  • 1 true home game
  • Big Ten/ACC Challenge
  • Rest are guarantee games

Nova and UNC being really good makes those draws extra tough, but the tourney in CT isn’t that strong.

The overall “RPI anchor” number will be down a bit and I’m sure we’ll hear a lot of gloating in some corners about that, but the number of games is down because they are only playing 11 games.

I continue to think that over the next few years that college hoops will continue to extend conference schedules, remove true home and homes, emphasize conference challenge type games and exempt tourneys. Kind of sucks because I really enjoy some of the true home and homes.



Is their new arena ready?


supposed to be


Full schedule coming this afternoon. Based on Rothstein tweets and single/double plays, Michigan’s December Home game is against Purdue or Wisconsin.


Full schedule


Very favorable league schedule. Tougher games on the back end of the schedule.