2018-19 Schedule


UNC should be preseason top 10. They bring back Luke Maye, Cameron Johnson and Kenny Williams. Then they add Nasir Little who is a top 10 recruit and PG Coby White who is a top 25 recruit. That’s a good lineup.


Oh yay, this again.

UNC has a Final 4 caliber everything with a huge gaping hole at PG. There will be zero true PG’s on the roster next year, I guess fringe 5 star combo guard Coby White will give it a try. 7th Woods is pretty close to total bust status.


Wow, I thought Luke Maye was a senior for sure last year, and a 5th year senior at that.


Love this.

Tickets prices are going to end me but I need to see UNC in Crisler.

Should be a great early test.


Good to get a blue blood at home. Could be a springboard towards a heavily attended season. Student season tickets will be up


Looking forward to the Carolinas sweep in AA.


Wow this would be a huuuuuge win. @wolverheel will love this but I think UNC might be my offseason pick for national champ. Nassir Little is going to be a PROBLEM and him vs. Charles Matthews will be an incredible matchup. Going to be an incredibly entertaining game hopefully some revenge from last season is in order