2018-19 Schedule

Big Ten matchups are announced

No @Purdue, @Nebraska, @OSU? Niiiiiiice.

We just avoided 3 of the 4 conference teams we lost on the road to this year.


Our three road only opponents, what a gift.


Might just buy season tickets now. Are there any confirmed non-conference home games?

Should be a home game against South Carolina I believe.

Should also be a home game in the Big Ten/ACC Challenge.

TBD on what happens with Cincinnati. TBD on anything else other than the tourney in CT.

My bet is home vs. Virginia for the ACC Challenge. They were home last year, we haven’t played recently and both teams will likely be projected 2nd or 3rd in the conference

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This seems like a GREAT schedule for RPI purposes. I also can’t wait to see the preseason conference title odds.

I like it.

If I had to guess, I think we get Duke, with Virginia as a close second option. Either way, I feel pretty certain that it’ll be one of those two.

Is Michigan trying to get out of that Cincy series?

Don’t think it will be Duke considering they played at IU last season. I wonder if they will try and get a matchup that hasn’t occurred in a long time, like Miami or Clemson. I could see Virginia. They were home to Wisconsin last season.

Duke was on the road last year though.

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I wonder if we’re playing in the Gavitt tournament this year. If I remember correctly, we are required to play in it at least 4 times before 2022 (and we’ve only played in it once).

No clue about Cinci series… just said TBD because it is a home-and-home but has never really started so who knows where that stands.

South Carolina is also weird because there’s a return leg at Michigan there, but they also could play in the preseason tourney.

Completely forgot about that! There was all that buzz that IU would be favored.

In that case, put all my eggs in the hosting Virginia basket.

I was thinking about that last night. I wouldn’t mind heading to Butler to take on LaVall’s Bulldogs. Or maybe to Creighton. Those were top two on my list.

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Possibly a road game at Villanova this year? Nova didn’t play in the Gavitt last year, and they were at Purdue two years ago. And I would guess they would want the rematch hype (they did this Wisconsin-Xavier the year after that Koenig buzzer beater).

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How is South Carolina projected to be next season? Playing them twice could make or break our non-conference schedule.

Good point. Michigan hasn’t played in it the past two seasons so you’d have to imagine they’ll get a game this upcoming season. Likely would be on the road since Xavier in '15-'16 was at home.

Man if we add Virginia and Villanova to the non-con schedule…that would be fun