2018-19 Schedule


Start to the season seems pretty set in stone:

Two home games, mid-week trip to Villanova, trip to Uncasville, CT for the Hall of Fame Tip-Off.

Probably throw in a couple of guarantee games on each side of Thanksgiving and then you are leading into the Challenge and the Big Ten weekend.


Hate to look ahead too much, but if we face PU in the final it will be a virtual away game considering the proximity to their campus (about an hour).


Chris Silva is returning to South Carolina. That’s big for them and probably good for our RPI considering we could see them twice.




4 games for the Tip Off (two of which are basically buy games)
ACC Vs B10 Home game
4 buy games (5 if we don’t play Cincy)


Wonder if they’re pushing for the @Cincy or leaving alone due to the 20 game conference schedule?

If our assumption of Virginia coming to AA ends up true, pretty good non-con schedule.

Would be pretty important to sweep the tournament and beat South Carolina at home if they lose to Nova and lost to assumed Virginia.


You know what I didn’t properly take into account the 20 game conference schedule. So our schedule is actually

4 games for the Tip Off (two of which are basically buy games)
ACC Vs B10 Home game
3 buy games (4 if we don’t play Cincy)
20 conference games

I have to imagine that Cincy game is cancelled then.


Keep cincy.


FWIW … UC is playing OSU on Nov 7, Xavier on Dec 8 and UCLA on Dec 19 and already formally announced those dates. Looks like they are also playing at Mississippi State on December 15th. https://gobearcats.com/news/2018/4/24/mens-basketball-three-home-dates-announced-for-2018-19-schedule.aspx

I’m under the impression that ‘Big Ten’ weekend is still happening that first weekend of December with a home/away league game.

If Michigan and UC were going to play it seems like it would have to be a weekday game the week of Dec. 10… Getting low on dates there.


It’d be nice if they can still schedule that game, even if it’s midweek.

Just like the Texas game last year, seems like a win-win situation type of game. Loss doesn’t hurt and a win would be great. It would also give two shots at a non-con road win.

Be nice to have that return home game next year too when you’re most likely away for the ACC Challenge game.

Otherwise, if you lose at Nova and South Carolina turns out to be a non-tourney team, puts a TON of weight on the ACC Challenge home game.



Happy to not have to deal with that guy again.


The bad man can’t hurt us anymore.



We’re gonna be playing a completely different Nova team. Losing their top 4 players. Pencil in Quinerly, Booth and Paschall in their starting lineup and then the rest of the rotation is gonna be filled by a variety of 40-100 ranked freshman/sophomores which haven’t shown much yet (and Gillespie).

A lot of variance.


Lol same could probably said of us if CM leaves (no CM, Moe, MAAR or Duncan…or Ibi and Simmons :slight_smile: )

Same jerseys from the title game, but a lot of new faces!


And hopefully a different result.


Immediate rematch from last year then.


WOW, surprised they picked a rematch. Usually they try to mix it up. Fun game at least. More aesthetically pleasing than what could’ve been a low 40s game against Virginia ha.


What does UNC bring back?