2018-19 Schedule

They were very meh this past season and downright awful on offense. Their Kenpom/Torvik page was very red on the offensive side outside of OREB% and FGA/FTA so I wouldn’t expect them to take huge strides in that area. They were very good on defense and should be again as it’s a Frank Martin staple. Chris Silva should be back (declared but didn’t hire an agent) and if Brian Bowen is cleared that could be a big boost.

I thought Bowen declared for the NBA.

Yes, Without an agent.

I hadn’t seen that but now that I look it was within the past day. He says he’s going to stay in the draft if he isn’t cleared by the NCAA but there is no timetable on that decision so there’s a very real chance he still has no idea of his eligibility when he’d have to withdraw from the draft.

I thought Bowen was at NC State

Nope, he enrolled at South Carolina in early January after he was told he wouldn’t be cleared to play at Louisville by the school.

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Coached by former sparty Maurice Joseph.

There best player graduated from a 15-18 team. We should rock their world.


Was hoping for the opportunity to get two decent games in the tourney against Providence and South Carolina. Hopefully GW ends up being better next year. They occasionally are good, but were not last year.

Very true, not too excited about that matchup.

Man, talk about a total yawn of a field. Battle 4 Atlantis this is not.

Can’t play B4A or Maui every year. I’d have rather played in one of the Barclays/MSG tourneys but they’ve also played in those quite a bit.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Michigan end up with a Gavitt Games game this year. Seems like it would fit better than the last couple of years.

Would be nice to see a rematch with Nova, a matchup vs Val, or a visit back to MSG for the Johnnies.

I’m guessing we get a game at nova and a home game against Virginia


When have the Gavitt and ACC/B1G games been announced in the past?

Late May or early June I believe.

I think playing Butler in the Gavitt Games would make sense with the Lavall Jordan connection.

Except Beilein doesn’t like playing against former assistants.

i am all for playing more games in NYC

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I’m really hoping that series against Cincinnati is still on.