2017 Recruiting Notes

Yeah, the two sides I could see to it are:

a) He is a good complement to Xavier because he’s the better shooter whereas Xavier is more of a defender that can get in the lane.
b) He’s kind of similar to Jordan Poole in that he’s a three-point heavy guard that isn’t going to give you a lot on defense.

Overall if you are going to take a point guard in this class he seems like he could be a good fit.

He is definitely 6’2, not any taller than that. He has been on the ball, at least for the EYBL, for just this past weekend. Tre Jones (Tyus’ brother) has been the point guard in the first couple of sessions. Tre just got hurt and is out for an extended period of time.

All of that being said, he has been very good in the EYBL. He played at the EYBL level last season as well. He has Gary Trent (top 15 player) and Theo John (top 150) player as two of his targets. He has another under the radar shooter in Gabe Kalscheur, who is a 2018 SG from DeLaSalle. Same school that produced Reid Travis from Stanford.

His HS team included a center that signed with Mizzou as well as a couple of lower level players (D3 and JUCO). They lost in the first round of the State Tournament.

If he’s a combo guard, that might obviate the need for a straight up PG in the '17 class, while giving us someone with the size to play alongside X as well as backing him up. It would also add another shooter which, with Walton and Irvin leaving and Robinson having one year left after this season, would be a good thing. I haven’t watched film yet and I’ll reserve further judgment until I do, but his numbers are very intriguing.

Didn’t post it here at the time because it wasn’t UM relevant, but it obviously is now. We spoke with Brad a few weeks back, watched him play a bit this weekend as well.

For you Sly

Update on Kris Wilkes. Quoted saying he really likes Coach Beilein. Let’s hope Beilein can impress.


Will visit June 12th per link

Watching some more highlights, Bronson Koenig seems like a good comparison for this kid. The kind of guy who would be very annoying to play against.

Thanks not sure why I didn’t compare him and young head to head. Forgot they played till I saw them matched up. McGee was four and carter is 23.

Young is probably the more college ready prospect, whereas Wright has more upside IMO

I could see that for sure. I forgot who got better of who.

I like Davison to. He looked pretty tall for a pg. I could see him being 6 3 but I’ll trust you guys who’ve seen him up close. He looks like a beilein kid all the way. Not in a negative way. Good offensive game. Very skilled. Great vision. Wasn’t a horrible athlete either.another guy who I’d be very happy with as a backup pg. I like a lot of the names going around this cycle. I’m excited to see it shake out.

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For clarity on Xavier Tillman. No mutual interest there.

I need to keep reminding myself that is NOT Donnie.

I’ve never heard of a top 19. If a player thinks his top 19 is worthy of an announcement, I’d tend to be ok with not being in the top 19.

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I wonder if we just missed the cut at number 20.

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Key word is mutual. Just don’t think it is a fit. Only posted because he came up recently in this thread.

Top 19…darn it. If only he had put out his Top 20 we’d have a chance

Hoopseen is the first service to update rankings - looks like they agree with me on Jamal Cain, as he debuts at #60. Kyle Young at #125, which is ridiculous IMO


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