2017 Recruiting Notes

So your answer is yes?

As long as 6 wins every 3 years applies, then yes, that is my answer.

I’ve already said I’m not satisfied with how the past couple years have gone. How is that relevant to my question, though?

Because you attempted to manipulate/isolate data in order to give context to your contention rather than dealing with numbers in an absolute manner, so if that is your standard, it’s a bit of a contradiction to implicitly question another for the same approach you take. Nothing to do with JB, everything to do with convenient standards.

Rather than deflecting like in your previous two posts, can you answer my question about this?

Is narrowing the dataset the best way to objectively analyze what type of shooter a player is? Generally, the lager the sample size the better. Is there something specific that makes the 3 for 19 irrelevant?

This is the 2017 recruiting notes thread. Please stay on topic, Matt.

I will add that it would also be silly for someone to cite Cain being a 15.9% 3pt shooter if he has a couple bad games and goes 3 for 19 over another stretch.

I’m not sure why you are getting so defensive and off-topic when that’s all I am pointing out. It’s better to expand the sample size, not narrow it.

At the end of the day all I’m saying is this - there were some folks that were skeptical of Cains shooting ability, and claimed Ibi was the superior shooter. Prior to EYBL, I said Jamal was a good, not great shooter, but superior to Ibi, and that I thought Jamal could shoot 35-36% as a baseline. Tha has played out - Jamal shot 37.3% from distance during EYBL play. That is what I consider good, not great, and 4% better than Ibi

Well if that’s all you were saying then I wouldn’t have been confused by your post. It looked like you were manipulating the data to support an agenda. Thanks for clearing that up.

I was manipulating the data in an effort to reflect the fact that after a slow start, Cain righted the ship. Not an elite shooter on the aggregate by any means, but certainly a good shooter.

By your standards then, just about every player recruited by Michigan would qualify as “one of the most highly regarded front court/back court players in the entire country.”

Not really, how many front court players recruited by UM are ranked #71? I’d say very few. You choose to ignore ESPN rankings despite the fact that I explicitly cited to that in the article. That’s your choice, but don’t pretend as if it’s ‘my standard’, ESPN has Young ranked as such.

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Any word on if Wilkes made it on campus and if so how it went?


Yea how did that go? Or did it? You’d think if he showed up he’d get an offer right?

I am glad he is a good shooter. Is he athletic and can he play defense is the big question though.

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The highlights look pretty good. Not much ball handling in the highlights but appears to be a creative passer who can push the pace a bit and finish through contact. Duke interest would surprise me though. How’s the competition level?

He’s been terrific on the EYBL circuit all summer. EYBL is basically the best competition level there is for summer hoops.

I’ve seen Davison play numerous times over the last few years. He is a very cerebral PG and schools the more athletic kids on the EYBL because he plays smarter than them. He is a pretty good athlete but isn’t a blow by type kid, especially at the Big Ten level.

I’ve only watched through the webcasts on the EYBL circuit but I think he is a mid-major plus point guard. I don’t think he can defend at a high level.

17 points per game with 51/44/87 shooting percentages? Sounds like he absolutely killed it out there. They list him at 6’4" on the EYBL site so it’s probably safe to say he’s around 6’2" which is definitely some nice size for a PG. 4.5 rebounds is pretty good (We’ve seen how important point guard rebounding can be) and he has a great 4:1 assist to turnover ratio. I think there’s no doubt he’ll be a composite top 150 player by the time it’s all said and done if he keeps up the hot shooting. Getting a kid like that to give Xavier a break could be big, regardless of his defense.