2017 Recruiting Notes


Who is being put on the back burner? (I’m asking honestly, I have no idea). Are you talking Cain? It seems to me Bamba is a realistic possibility, and we would need to cut Donnal loose to get him, so I imagine we want to let that one play out first (unless, of course, something really unlikely happens like Bowen wanting to commit). I wouldn’t be disappointed with a Cain commitment or anything, but I can see the logic in waiting to see what Bamba does first. You disagree?


Not Cain, just in general.


Does anyone know how serious Douglas interest is? I’m very interested in that kid.


No surprise that Jackson commits to Sparty


Whenever I put on Charles Mathews mix tapes in high school I smile. This is the best raw talent he’s had to mold Imo. It would not surprise me if Mathews is all big ten in 18

I really think coach cal was bitter he left as he would have been great wing depth and played a lot, he knows we got a star. I’m giddy about the Maar/ Mathews wing combo. I think the 17-18 team is going to be special as long as x can be solid leader.

They will spark the new era of a good defensive team. I really think that’s a sleeper season. Big ten championship is very possible, if everyone develops like I think they can.


I would be surprised if Cal was bitter. He will just replace Matthews with another 4/5 star guy and probably get more out of him than he did Matthews last year. I like Matthews but he was pretty much stapled to the bench late in the year. It wouldn’t be far fetched to have an incoming recruit out perform Matthews.


Who’s their back up wing? I think he would have been the go to wing off the bench if I remember their roster


Willis is still there and he pretty much sent Matthews to the bench last year.


I thought Willis was a 6 10 pf?


Regardless, UK fans were bummed about losing him.


Basically says he knows UM offense well because they run it at his HS. No mention of potentially visiting


After watching some videos, I wouldn’t mind adding this kid. I’m just curious as to how many sg/sf we need.


If Douglas is added to the class that would necessarily preclude the staff from pursuing Cain this year and also likely ends any shot of Cohill being on the radar screen next year. I’m not passing judgement, just asking if that’s a trade off people warming to Douglas would be willing to make?


I am a Cain guy and think we need him as a versatile threat from deep/attacker/rebounder at the sf position. Plus he is home grown.


Very small sample size, but Douglas’ numbers at the Adidas Champ weren’t very good. My gut tells me he can play but the film displays extremely poor competition level. That in conjunction with his limited stats vs legit comp raises some concern


Hey guys, yes the Cain thread was closed because I woke up this morning to 100+ posts that needed to be deleted.

The decision not to prioritize Cain has been pretty clear for a while IMO. Perhaps the more interesting development is that beyond Bamba, Michigan seems to be looking at a lot more guard types (such as Douglas) than forwards for potential late adds.


So now we can’t talk about Cain and Bamba… Smh


The Bamba thread is open.


William Douglas visited Ole Miss over the weekend.



Not sure why the staff is looking at several 2 guards. Is it just in case of attrition or they don’t like what they see from the team. What does it say about Ibi Watson or Poole.