2017 Recruiting Notes


I think it’s been years since they put a reasonable amount of resources into recruiting. I’m pretty sure that they cut costs at the same time that they got rid of the team-specific college sites back in 2013. ESPN really shouldn’t be on the composite, IMO.


Read all our commits are visiting this weekend, any other recruits going to be on campus? Also are they doing the Jordan bball unveil this weekend? Thought I read that but haven’t seen anything.


Jordan Poole will be on campus for sure


Didn’t really no where else to stick it, but it is somewhat relevant to UM because we obviously recruit guys from that AAU squad, but I was just informed that King James is now obsolete as an organization. I’m sure it will be public shortly. Weird


Yeah the King James bit is out there… Certainly an odd development.


I know a bit more, but obviously its sensitive and nobody wants it public just yet, but I’m sure details will come out in due course. Definitely odd


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Cain is on campus as well


Hope the staff still takes Cain then we worry about ships if a 5 star wants to commit.


Caris Levert also on campus


No surprise, but UM out for Kimani Lawrence



Like I said, Jaren Jackson isn’t a realistic option. The staff has been informed of that, and yet they continue to put realistic options on the backburner.


Clearly just a sign that the staff informed Jackson we have no room for him because Bamba is a silent commit.:smirk:

Where is Jackson expected to go at this point?


The staff can’t officially comment so we don’t officially know who they are/aren’t prioritizing. I sense there are several members of this board who are frustrated that the staff doesn’t seem to be fawning over Cain, but there could be several logical reasons for that. The staff is intelligent and well regarded; they likely knew they weren’t really in the running for Jackson, they likely know they are long-shots for Bamba. It is more logical that their recruitment technique with Cain is unrelated to those recruits and more related to the staff’s evaluation of Cain in relation to the rest of the roster and the rest of the incoming recruiting class?

Note: this is not MY PERSONAL evaluation but my presumption of the process the staff is taking


Couldn’t disagree more, as the staffs approach is pretty universal. Jackson, and others have expressly stated that ‘I don’t hear from UM as much’.

Bottom line is that UM/JB are very good in person/visits but very subpar in terms of maintaining communication/constant contact.

That is not my personal opinion,but rather the opinion of prospects of which I, and others, have spoken with.


The contact debate is neither here nor there, doesn’t relate to your original point that there are other people the staff should be pursuing and has been re-hashed several times.

It will be interesting to see what they do with the last spot in 2017… I think everyone agrees there. I also think everyone agreed that Jaren Jackson probably wasn’t going to fill it.

The big questions are how that spot fits into next year’s roster as well as the 2018 class. That’s where we’re juggling a lot of information, and as I’ve posted several spots here it is hard to judge without seeing how some of these pieces start fitting together.


You insinuated in an earlier post that Michigan unrealistically held out hope of Jackson signing at UM. Maybe the lack of follow-up contact from UM is the staff (correctly) reading the tea leaves that Michigan is not a realistic contender for that prospect?

In this case perhaps during conversations/visits Beilein & Co figured out they weren’t really in the running for Jackson so they turned their attention elsewhere? (Which would somewhat contradict your insinuation that Michigan unrealistically held out hope for Jackson)


Perhaps that notion may be more credible if that wasn’t the case for nearly every prospect regardless of perceived reciprocal interest. But that just isn’t the case


It might not be putting guys on the back burner. They simply may not know whether they want to use the last scholarship on a player in the 80 to 150 range. Technically Michigan does not have to use any more scholarships. They can wait until the spring and hold out for some top recruits or bank the scholarship for Mark Donnal or 2018. So the fact that some guys may be on the back burner may be completely unrelated to the recruitment of guys like Jackson, Bamba and Bowen and whether they believe they have a shot at them. They may just not care to use the spot at this point for the lower rates guys at this point. They have a big class already when you count Matthews. Nobody knows besides the coaching staff what course of action they have decided to take.