2017 Recruiting Notes


I don’t think it says anything about Watson or Poole.


The miss on Cain, intentional or not, is disappointing. Cain was a rare example of a ‘gettable’ local player with a good attitude and a great combination of skill, size and athletic upside. I am all for Bamba (we need him at this point if we hope to beat MSU again this decade) but I hope that the program has solid intel that he’s likely to come – JB has favoured a “bird in the hand” approach when it comes to offering lower-upside players rather than waiting for elite-ish prospects but in the case of Cain – potentially our best wing since 2012 – he is rolling the dice on a battle with Calipari. I just don’t think another undersized guard is needed at this point.

Also, if they do land Bamba, which would be awesome, I hope they would leverage the chance to reframe UM’s reputation as a destination for elite bigs rather than returning to old habits of wanting reliable, 5-year below the rim centres.


To me the staff paying more attention to guards suggests they like what they see/have in Watson/Wilson/Livers and maybe Donnal and are just hedging in case something weird happens with Brooks. They really wanted a PG or combo guard in this class.


They got one: Brooks. If they weren’t sure about him, should’ve kept on Eastern, who is a great talent.


I agree, they got one. And that’s why my guess is that they won’t add anyone to this class unless it’s Bamba (or some other late appearing five star I guess). The caveat is that Brooks’s “dream school” was 'Nova - you know, last year’s champ - so I’m just totally guessing that they’re keeping lines open on PGs just in case.


They’re not watching point guards, so your point doesn’t make sense. Sounds like you’re just throwing shade at Brooks.
Fact is, they still have a '17 scholarship available and they need help at the 2 in '18 after MAAR graduates. If the 5-star thing doesn’t work out early, there is still the option to take a '17 2-guard, probably a late-bloomer type who doesn’t mind developing a year behind MAAR and Poole. William Douglas seems to fit the mold in that regard, though I have no idea what his stance on playing time is.


I didn’t mean to imply anything about Brooks. Douglas is listed as a PG or PG/SG a bunch of places and seems like he wants to be a combo guard with excellent height and ups (as opposed to a wing). I like his film. Anyway, it will be interesting to see what happens with that last scholly.


I liked Douglas film a lot, I’d like to see him against better kids but I don’t see why it wouldn’t translate.


Xavier Tillman to MSU.


They still have room for Eastern and Bowen as well. That would be back to back filthy classes by Izzo. Got to step it up.


This. Is. Frustrating.


Why? Tillman isn’t anything special and Michigan didn’t even target him.


I really think any UM basketball fan needs to consider beating MSU (occasionally at least) as a necessary criterion for “success.” Almost no other accomplishment – aside from final fours – can fully offset regular beatdowns by Sparty (or Crean’s Hoosiers for that matter).


Are we seriously going to do this kicking and screaming routine about Xavier Tillman? A guy that Michigan didn’t even really recruit?

Tough loss for Purdue though, think he would have been a great fit for them as well. Think Painter was in pretty heavy on Jackson and Tillman.


Personally counting Matthews I really like the 17 class. I would have liked a few different guys but I like who we got too. We will see what he does with the last spot.


I just want Bamba man.


No doubt. That would be a huge get. Seems like we have a legit shot.


I’m right there with you. The Tillman commitment isn’t bothersome, since U-M wasn’t into him (although who knows how he’ll pan out). But yeah, catching State on the trail and on the court is No. 1 to me. I wonder if some fans are less concerned with that because they’re not from the state or they don’t believe it’s possible (and thus would rather just ignore MSU).


Yeah, the prospect of him playing for M pretty much dwarfs any other considerations for me right now; just wake me up when he decides or the season starts, whichever comes first.