2017 Recruiting Notes


Wasn’t intentional lol. You didn’t like the pickup initially, what changed your mind?


I didn’t really dislike it, I was still dreaming of Wilkes honestly. I love the fact that he can shoot well and looks to be a legit 6’8. Being a true 4 and the fact we have missed one for a few years now, makes it all the better too. I don’t ever see him sliding to the 3 unless his handle improves with a miracle. But if I had to draw up a 4 man for beilein, it’d be him with a year of Sanderson.


I wouldn’t say a true 4 in terms of a 2-way player. A true 4 offensively for a Beilein team, but not in the mold of a legit 4 from a traditional sense. Doesn’t have the motor on the glass like Young, or even Cain, for that matter. But certainly an upgrade from Duncan Robinson defending the 4 or the perimeter. Agree with you, he will never play the 3. Probably the least desirable option at the 4 from Jackson, Wilkes, Tillman, Young…but I said plenty of times there were no bad options. Livers will probably be a 10ppg and 4-5 reb type as an upperclassmen and a solid defender. MUCH better than DJ Wilson IMO.


Whoa now, I think dj has a good chance to be a good player this year. He’s got the opportunity right in front of his face. Does he accept the challenge?


C’mon JM, its wishful thinking at best to think DJ is going to be a 10 and 5 guy based on what we’ve seen at UM and his HS film. You’re essentially talking about a guy that lacks the motor/physicality/footwork to be a post, while also lacking the skill to be a wing. Trying to convert wings to bigs just isn’t a good idea. That’s why I like Livers, the ‘transition cost’ is not nearly as high


Back to livers. Glenn Robinson averaged 13pts and 4rebs while shooting 30% from 3. I see no reason why livers can’t have better numbers than that. Maybe not ppg but close to and better numbers in most other categories.


At this point. 8pts 4rebs and 1blk a game would be a great sophomore year for him. Then as a junior, hopefully he could build on it. I’m still hoping.


If we were a more uptempo/transition team I could see it, but with our slow motion offense I can’t really agree. Livers runs the floor well in transition, but is exclusively a catch and shoot guy in the halfcourt with the occasional drive off a poor close-out.

Livers a decent athlete, but certainly not GR3 level in terms of finishing on the baseline.


Not the athlete, but no doubt a much better shooter already.


Definitely agree he’s a better shooter with better, and more consistent mechanics.


Obviously you’ve noticed as the rest of the world has, are you Concerned at all about that hitch in his jump shot?


Who are you referring to?


A few people have mentioned his shot and how it is like Jamal Crawfords in a sense that when he shoots he kind of double clutches. He shoots fine so I don’t see a real problem but down the road it could be an issue if beilein tries to take that out of his shot.


I know the theory? If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. But there aren’t many kids who double clutch like he does and has a lot of success.


If he were 6’4 might be an issue, but at a legit 6’7 opposing 4s will give him a bit of space. Don’t think it will be a huge issue unless Miles Bridges is checking him.


Very true assessment.

But, quite honestly, if DJ Wilson is able to provide 6 & 4 with average B1G Conference defense vs the 4spot in 15-18mins per game — that type of production from a bench spot would give the coaching staff good flexibility behind Irvin-Robinson-MAAR at the wing positions.


I know it’s over and done with but do you guys think young would have committed? I’m happy with livers and am a fan,but Kyle has a bit more bruiser in him which we need. I felt like he would have chose us for some reason.


You use to tout ESPN quite a bit here.


Very true from a rankings perspective. But after being at a good portion of the events as a 2 man team (along with Guestavo), we literally seen a representative from ESPN on 1 occasion in Atlanta for EYBL session 4 in Atlanta, that being Paul Biancardi.

I’ll ask you - do you think Livers should be #76 ahead of Eastern and Cain being NR?


I’ve heard that ESPN recently started cutting WAY down on the resources they allocate to recruiting.