2017 - PG - Eli Brooks (Commit)



Finding the roll man is often hard for smaller guards. Even Trey had trouble with this. A pick-n-pop guy can help, or a guy you can really just throw it up to.

It’s also why I think you’ll see Poole, who’s taller, get involved in PnRs.


@MattD was very upfront about seeing limited recent film, at least that’s my recollection. New data/film = evolving conclusions


That’s fine, but if you are ignorant on a subject you shouldn’t make proclamations saying a kid will never being able to play PG at M. Nobody coerced him into giving ignorant projections.


Now I feel like you’re trolling the whole board. You went from “why did we offer” to “our best player in two years” based on some already available film? Where is MattD, and who hacked his account? :grinning:

I’ll settle for Travis Trice as a senior impact in 3-4 years (15/5) with a little higher shooting percentage than Trice, which I think can happen in our offense.


Eli is a legit 6’1". I’m 6’

New photo by marley hay


Film (highlights) posted by Dylan were available to the public, yes. However, full games were not. I was able to view a few full games. I’ve never been one that is too proud to change my initial eval. X Simpson is proof of that. I call it how I see it


Just have to disagree there. Steve Pearson is 6’2 on the dot (Ive measured him personally), and he’s 3 inches taller than Eli, no questions asked.


Maybe it’s a disconnect on shoes/without shoes measurements?


Hopefully you’ll get to measure Eli when he gets there


Ignorant? Wow.

I never claimed he would never play PG at Michigan. I stated that he’s an undersized SG in my opinion.

I’ve been called many things, but ignorant as it relates to scouting is certainly not one of them. I’ve probably forgot about more live games than you’ve watched on TV.


And Matt, I respect your ability to change opinion. It refreshing.


I don’t see how insulting me is the proper response to that comment… Projecting a player to be top 75-100 is far from “obvious trolling.”


Didn’t mean to insult you. Just laughing at this whole situation, this place is tough to keep up with…


Well you did type this just yesterday


Fair enough. Again, I was wrong. Evaluations are fluid and subject to change based on development. I thought X Simpson would be much better this year than he has. Once I was able to view him in practice against college level comp then obviously it changed.


I’m a huge stickler when it comes to height. I’m not going to let this evolve into an argument about it, but a few (can’t remember who) were proclaiming Beilein to be in the 6’1-6’2 range. That is absolutely false. Beilein is 5’11. Eli is that height, perhaps a tad shorter or taller.


@MattD I’m genuinely confused how your opinion was able to change so much after watching a few videos. I tend to take your opinions as the law so I’m really hoping you’re not trolling here.


Has @MattD measured you personally at his camp?


If you’re 6’0 then Eli looks like a legit 6’1. Thanks for the pic.


If Eli Brooks really has the tools to be potentially our “best player in two years”, then Beilein deserves some credit. Brooks was a guy we weren’t very familiar with when Michigan offered. Nice find for coach B.