2017 - PG - Eli Brooks (Commit)



Based on what I’ve seen recently I’d probably put him in the 50-75 range. I think he has some NBA potential. If he were a legit 6’2 then I think he’d likely be an NBA type. His shooting ability both off the catch and the dribble is simply superb

2018 - PG - David DeJulius (Commit)

Weeks prior you were ready to give his scholarship away. Kid is going to be good for us.


He may be our best player in 2 years. He just shoots the ball so well off the dribble.

2018 - PG - David DeJulius (Commit)

I agree. We must hope his confidence doesn’t get shaken his freshman year and kid could be very productive. If Simpson can’t figure out how to score in college, Eli could see quite a few minutes as a freshman. I definitely don’t think he’s scoring a point per minute, but he could be pretty good.


You just can’t teach that type of shooting ability off the dribble.


I’m so confused right now, I honestly can’t tell if you’re trolling our optimism.


Go watch the film on Krossover if you have access and give me your thoughts


You honestly can’t tell? I worry about some of ya’ll if you can’t.


I would be very reticent to not include Eli as a legitimate candidate to seriously take away major minutes from X next season.

It will be extremely interesting to see how that plays out as the season progresses.


Don’t think there’s any doubt based on X’s lack of offensive production. It will definitely be a legit battle


See, I’m very high on X. Think his EYBL and high school production were not aberrations and the typical D1 PG needs time to adjust. Give me him over Eli all day but Eli as a backup shores up his weaknesses.


Not really on topic for this thread, but X’s development over the next year is critical to next year’s team. It’s going to be his team, just have to see how much better he can get. We’ve seen PGs look terrible as a freshman and great as a sophomore (Darius), Michigan needs X to look bad as a freshman and ‘good’ as a sophomore.


Can’t say I blame you for feeling that way


Do you see him being able to average 5+ assists or is he more of a scoring pg?


Don’t think he’s the type that can run PnR and find bigs in the lane often, he’s a bit small and his natural instinct is to shoot in my opinion. Think he’s more of a kick out guy off the dribble.

Difficult for anyone to average 5 asst per game though at that size unless you have elite vision


I don’t think X has looked bad the last few games. He’s already a good, aggressive defender, averaging 3.5 steals per 40. And he’s been a good, aggressive passer, with a nearly 2:1 assist ratio. He’s looked “bad” in the sense his threes haven’t fallen and he hasn’t been aggressive elsewhere – he’s only shot 11 2s all year. He might be “limited” offensively because of his height and lack of elite shooting, but if he was shooting 5-13 instead of 3-13 on threes, he’d be shooting 38%. Coming in to play 3 minute shifts as a freshman PG isn’t ideal. It’s far too early to make any grand statements, especially with his production in high school and AAU.

That said, I wouldn’t assume this is his team the next three years. Eli may have something to say about it.

And I’m a big fan of having X, Eli, and DeJulius in consecutive classes. Lots of options for different looks and multi-PG lineups, with depth in case of injury.


Very true. What’s he, 6’1? I figure it’ll be a little easier for whoever is running pg to get assists with growth from Wagner/Wilson and Matthews able to finish around the rim. I hope Simpson gets better to make the competition a legit one but the way Eli can score, I don’t ever see that from Simpson honestly.


“Coach Beilein has been saying he really enjoys my game, especially how I run a team, the way I see the floor and stuff and the way I can shoot,” the younger Brooks said last week.


I’d be lying to say Eli is more than 5’11…maaaybe 6


Alright. Simpson looks about 5’8 out there so 5’11 will do. I feel like if they played 1 on 1 that Eli would just shoot over the top of him all day.