2017 NCAA Tournament Games Thread


Yeah, I think MTSU beats Minnesota and picked NW to get by Vandy. We’ll see how it goes.

Edit: Man, I’ve seen SDSU miss about 4 point-blank layups. This could be a really interesting game if they hit the bunnies.


Yea I picked mtsu to the sweet sixteen just bc I didn’t like the other teams in their pod but butler looking good today.


I believe I picked MTSU to the S16 as well (at least in one of my brackets).


I did so as well, despite it being such a popular pick as to no longer be contrarian.


My best friend is a big time sports bettor. He ( and I’m not kidding ) bet $300 on every underdog in today’s NCAA games.


MTSU looking solid against Minnesota.


Both Minnesota and Northwestern are slight underdogs in their games today.


Minny was an underdog playing MTSU in Milwaukee? That seems a little much.


Minny +1.5
NW +2


Does it though?


How many minutes a game does Reggie Lynch actually participate?


I mean, Minny was thirteen spots higher in kenpom (24 in sagarin), playing much closer to home. I’m not surprised MTSU is winning, and I picked them in my bracket, but having them favored seems a reflection of how the public was betting, not how the sharps actually thought the game would go. But maybe I’m wrong.


It seems pretty normal after getting an opportunity to watch these MTSU guys again. Haha. They are still pretty damn good…12 seed seems outrageous.


MTSU was a great Cinderella story last year, returns most of the same team, and Richard Pitino coaches Minnesota.


Loss of Springs leaves no perimeter threat either


You know what, you guys convinced me.


I picked them as an emotional pick–sort of a tribute for beating MSU–but now that I watch them again…wow…it was a rational choice :slight_smile:


I went with MN thinking there was no way MTSU would catch lighting in a bottle against a B1G team again. But forgot the power of the JR Pitino effect. Darn.


What’s happening to NW right now is what scares me tomorrow. They’ve been comfortably in control of this game, just take a 15 pt lead and feeling good, then BOOM 9 straight for Vandy in less than two minutes.


That tech was so idiotic. What was he possibly thinking? If he get’s a better job offer, somehow, he should take it and run; people are going to realize he cant coach.