2017 - G - Greg Elliott (Target)


Matt has never left and came back. Ever.


There was a duo who drove the Greg Elliot bus, who also drove the Beilien is terrible van on this thread – the Endless Motor-mouths. One member suggested nobody called Michigan a disaster. I happened, after a 10 second search, to find one of the duo saying just that.

It’s weird how those guys want to call people soft and crazy and delusional and whatever but they are so sensitive, and that others worry so much about their delicate feelings.


I drove the JB is terrible van? LOL. I drove the Greg bus even though I’ve said I prefer a grad transfer? You’re up to double digit lies this month alone.

I’ll tell Matt you miss him though.


For the life of me I can’t understand how individuals take others opinions about the Bball program personally. It’s an opinion and everyone has one. And I must be suffering from staggering memory loss (or don’t care) because I can not remember what someone else posted two days ago.


You’re acting very immature man. Like Lopez said, why are you taking guestavo’s comments personally?

I don’t agree with everything guestavo and mattd say, but I put a very high value on recruiting news/insight and those guys provide more of that than anyone else on the forum combined. I’m okay with letting mattd push his narratives as long as he also provides information that I couldn’t find elsewhere. Now that he’s left, I believe we are missing out on some interesting content that most other fans would never hear about. And that sucks!


How does anything I said translate to not appreciating the info Matt provides? Talk about making stuff up…


Speaking for myself things become personal when players or staff are personally attacked or posters are marginalized. I think Guestavo1 does a good job of being critical without resorting to making it personal (except in kind replies) or making up/embellishing stories to advance his view or standing.


He brought up Matt because you asked: [quote=“guestavo1, post:645, topic:2234”]
Who said this year and beyond is going to be a “disaster”? I’ve never seen a person continually make up stuff…might want to go to a doctor and get that checked.

I’m not sure why him answering your question is such a huge deal. What’s interesting is that you said he continuously made something up and needs to see a doctor and then was able to give an exact quote of someone saying it was going to be a disaster. Not something that can be interpreted and twisted, an exact quote. Demeaning a poster doesn’t make him any less correct.


Which still makes absolutely no sense because how can Matt argue a point when he is no longer here. The said poster he is accusing of carrying an agenda as some theme of this thread is no longer relevant…its very transparent.



Good luck to Greg and Jamal. Test case for in state coaches evaluation skills. Looks like Marquette is doing well on the recruiting trail.


MSU offered Elliot and is bringing in Tillman and Jackson, while UM offered Cain and is bringing in Brooks and Poole, so I think this line of thinking is somewhat overblown. But it will be interesting to watch these guys, especially as they play together (and the storyline surely will come up when they face one of the Michigan schools in the tourney or elsewhere someday).

Also, I’m pretty comfortable saying JB has good evaluation skills even if Elliot ends up looking like a miss.


I think Izzo and Beilein do a great job of finding guys. It’s a subtler (and nondefinitive) check on if Cain and Elliot were recruits or GET AT ANY COST Recruits.


Fair enough. In a broader sense, I’m still a little surprised that some other Big Ten or regional schools didn’t make big pushes for either of these guys, like Iowa or ISU. Although maybe they did and we just didn’t hear about it.


I don’t think Izzo does a great job of finding guys after he misses his top options the last 5 or so years. It’s one of the reasons they lost 15 games this past season.
Tum Tum, MQuaid, Aherns, Schilling, basically anyone who isn’t a freshman were all 3rd/4th options because of misses.


Has anyone had a chance to see Greg play this year? Just wondering how he looks?


He’s looked like a freshman. I’ve only watched a couple minutes here spend there of Marquette. I don’t think he’d be getting minutes over Poole because of shooting. Though he shooting well from deep. But he looks like he could be good down the road.


Love Poole was just wondering if he was getting any run at the PG position? I remember some debated that he was a combo and could probably take on some of those duties.


He’s been off the ball every time I’ve seen him play.