2017 - G - Greg Elliott (Target)


Leading up to the season, it seemed to be up in the air which big would RS between Teske/Davis.


And yet he still couldn’t beat out a big who shout .386 from the field. He must’ve sucked and been trending down.


Yes, but only because Davis had been trending up enough to make it a close call.


Or Teske was less ready than initially thought.


He showed well at some tournaments, no? For some reason I like the kid as a future contributor. I think he has some physical tools that can be developed, a commitment to improve (losing weight in high school) and he’s a smart kid. He’s also a young freshman playing a position that traditionally takes some time. Beilein has commented on his rebounding and passing abilities.


Offensively, his passing has to be on point or I don’t see him as a plus on that end even with the post scoring. I just don’t think a team can make deep runs with big men like him on the defensive end unless you have supreme defensive talent i.e. Jahlil Okafor had Tyus Jones, Winslow, Jefferson and Matt Jones. And Okafor was a much better defensive player than I think Davis will be and still was a sieve.


Fair enough. I am guessing you don’t see Teske in that role either.


I believe Teske can rim protect, post defend and guard PnR in time.


From MattD to John Miller in this thread, post 26;
“I’ve seen enough of your analysis to know that you place a premium on shooters that can pass, but can’t dribble (I think multiple dribbles is a sticking point for you), which is why you overvalue players like Zak Irvin, Eli Brooks and Duncan Robinson.
Guys like that are meant to be third/fourth options on good teams. A roster full of them is a recipe for disaster, which is exactly what you are witnessing with Michigan right now.”

The funny thing is I didn’t pick the word disaster as a set up, you made it happen all by yourself.


Not really fair to attribute Mattd’s statements from weeks ago to Guestavo.


I read through twice and haven’t found where he did that.


The implication in the chain of posts is that Guestavo is upset this year isn’t a “disaster” like MattD (and by implication Guestavo) believed.


So you put words in his mouth? Because that’s not what I see said.


Okay, then.


“This is the topic. Elliot isn’t coming to UM and that’s been clear. The entire point for a while in this thread is to air grievances. As it looks more and more like this year (and beyond) isn’t going to be some disaster, those who have been arguing it would be just get angrier.”

No where in this does he imply that guestavo called this season a disaster. I wonder if guestavo will yell at you for making things up.


Odd to bring up a MattD post when MattD doesn’t post on this forum any longer…


Its very transparent but kids will be kids.


You asked a question. He answered it. Now your jimmies are rustled because you weren’t expecting that answer.



How could someone who isn’t here argue a point and get angrier? Didn’t think that through very well.