2017 - G - Greg Elliott (Target)

Sure you can “rely on freshmen to do it all” when thats what they were brought in to do : shoot the damn 3 ball well. If over half of the roster is comprised of guys that the staff thinks can be plus shooters and none of them do it then it won’t look to good. I’ll take my chances with at least 4 of the 8 guys thought to have potential as plus shooters and wave goodbye to Duncan than keeping Duncan and having a team of catch and shoots that can’t get open.

We aren’t a tourney team right now because we stopped playing d. We showed vs solid teams we can play really good d, just need to get back to that.

Point is, Duncan is on our roster next year because we’ll need him. To think taking Elliot over him so Greg can sit a year is just foolish.

Zak Irvin is a third/fourth option on a good team that is forced into a role that he’s simply not capable of. He is not a primary ballhandler in any way, shape, or form. Ideally, he is a catch and shoot player that can get off a shot based on a poor closeout or take advantage of a bigger defender that is not agile enough to defend him. He simply does not have the tools to be a primary option on a good team, is a poor perimeter defender, and an average rebounder.

Exactly. The reason we can’t play defense is two fold, because we have slow, unathletic players, and we have players that lack intensity/motor. It just so happens that catch and shoot guys have a strong correlation to a lack of athleticism and motor. In other words, less shooters, more ballhandling athletes.

We have shown we can play great d though, with this roster. So what your saying makes no sense.

Seems like the basis of the disagreement here is that you think Duncan could help the team more than Greg, next year, and they disagree. In theory, I’d agree with you, because ‘in theory’ Duncan is a sharp-shooter and we are losing two high-volume shooters in Walton and Irvin. But Duncan’s play has been uninspiring, and with Poole/Brooks/Livers and maybe Greg coming in, shooting would be accounted for. Even if the guys who’d be taking Duncan’s minutes shot 35% from 3, compared to Duncan’s 40% (or whatever higher %), are those 5 percentage points worth the overall utility that another player could provide?

But I’m with you, I doubt Duncan get’s shown the door


There is no point in continuing this. I’m more than willing to bump this thread next season when we have multiple guys shooting plus percentages from 3, including a few of the freshmen, and its clear that DR is a luxury not a need.

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Fair enough. I want a guy coming off the bench that I know what I’ll get and not only freshman. Our bench next year is basically all freshman besides Duncan. Now if Watson can improve a bit over the summer, then one sophomore. We will need Duncan.

Make a 2017/18 thread so Dylan doesn’t freak out on us.

It does make sense. You see, we displayed great defense for a brief stretch early in the season before a fair amount of film was put out for opposing teams to scout. Additionally, we were starting an entirely new frontcourt in DJ Wilson and Mo Wagner. Once teams were able to witness how we played the PnR, it was a feast on our defense. We are currently, 185th if defensive efficiency, I repeat 185th. And that incorporates the grace period where we weren’t scouted extensively. To think what this team would be without that early stretch is insane.

So you want a horrible defender, a guy that can’t dribble, and can only catch and shoot at a decent clip against legit competition? I don’t get it

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I think he can do a little more than that. Like our whole team, confidence went away but I think we are getting it back. Duncan had a nice post up and great pass last game. He can do a bit more than you’re saying. Just not a ton of other things. He’s a solid role player IMO.

You sort of make my point, role players (IE catch and shoot players) are all this roster is composed of. We need to rid the roster of that in favor of ballhandling creators as soon as possible, even if that means we take one in 17 in hopes that they will be ready in the future. Duncan Robinson is pretty much maxed out, he’s not going to improve a great deal.

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Again, our roster next year needs him. That’s the key point here. We can’t rely on freshman, look what our freshman are doing this year, could happen next year too.

I think Isaiah Livers or Jordan Poole can most certainly replace Duncan Robinson in terms of production. To be candid, Duncan Robinson has regressed in almost every facet of the game both to the naked eye and from a statistical analysis as well.

I’m not too sold on Poole, he can be good but I think it’ll take time. Him vs decent competition(tonight included) is pretty tough to watch. Haven’t seen livers enough to know but we can’t just expect him to replace Duncan when we aren’t sure.

Wait a minute…so you like Eli Brooks but you aren’t big on Jordan Poole?

I like both players, both will probably need a year just as Simpson/teske/Watson are needing.

Also, I’ve seen Poole struggle vs good competition many times, haven’t seen that from Eli. Now he may struggle, I just haven’t seen it.

If Poole, Brooks, Livers, X, Ibi, MAAR ALL shoot terribly from 3 then DR isn’t saving that team anyways lol.