2017 - G - Greg Elliott (Target)

I’ll chime in with this…if that’s the course of action JB takes and we’re not able to land an instant impact grad transfer wing or Bamba, that will be two mistakes

Going on the assumption that Greg and Dave get along well currently, I do think there is some value to re-uniting them on the court in 2018. Natural chemistry can only be a good thing.

I still can’t decide if I like Greg more than Ryan or Carmody (I’m really high on Ryan). I hear you Matt on the question of Soph Greg vs Freshman Cormac (or Robby), but I"d like to see their recruitment play out a little more before a decision is made…which makes it tough for the coaching staff and for Greg.


Duncan is on the team next year, there’s not even a slight chance he’s not. Not sure why anyone even brought up that idea.


The question is whether a senior year Duncan is more valuable than 4 years of Greg, hypothetically. For me, that is an emphatic no

Well if Greg is joining the squad, it’s def not at the expense of Duncan. He is here next year no matter who commits.

Next year we’ve got Wilson, Wagner and Duncan as shooters and that’s about it. Plus, gregs shooting 25% from 3. We don’t need that on the roster at shooting guard, we already have a poor shooter starting there next year.

Greg isn’t shooting 25% from 3.

The reason this team is what it is is solely because our roster is composed of guys that are Duncan-like players…one dimensional.

Contrary to what you think, shooting without more is useless for purposes of winning if not combined with players able to break down a defense off the dribble in isolation situations and mandate help side defense.

I’ve seen enough of your analysis to know that you place a premium on shooters that can pass, but can’t dribble (I think multiple dribbles is a sticking point for you), which is why you overvalue players like Zak Irvin, Eli Brooks and Duncan Robinson.

Guys like that are meant to be third/fourth options on good teams. A roster full of them is a recipe for disaster, which is exactly what you are witnessing with Michigan right now.

I bet when the transfer market is established, I could find no less than 2 dozen players that I would jettison Duncan for. Averaging a 1.5ish 3s a game and having to round up to get to 40 percent behind the arc isn’t a must have for me when you bring nothing in regards to distribution or rebounding while not being able to check a traffic cone.


Yeah, I’m pretty ready to move on from Duncan. JB ain’t gonna do it though. I think both seniors end up getting their 5th year.

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This simply isn’t true. Shooting is the one thing this roster does not lack and could trade off for obvious holes and not lose anything.

Would DR be the second handshake ideally? No, but the other guy I’m skeptical on is a freshman and deserve a chance to prove himself like everyone else got.

Who’s our other proven shooters?

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And with all of our proven shooters, how good is the team?

Only have 4; Walton, Wagner, Wilson, Duncan and next year we only have our power forward and center that we know can shoot well besides Duncan. No chance he’s not on our roster.

I would guess that Mark is gone. He’s a player that seems to frustrate Beilein with his lack of hunger. I don’t know what agreement/understanding he might have with Robinson, if he’s on track to graduate this spring though, that might not matter.

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What other shooters do we have next year?

What is Elliot’s 3pt% during the season so far? Dylan said it was 25%

It is not 25%. I’ll let Dylan speak on his own behalf in terms of that percentage.

Guys like Poole, Brooks and Livers were signed because they are thought to be plus shooters. If the staff is hesitant on their abilities then they shouldn’t have signed them. Heck, even Ibi was lauded as a guy whose shooting potential they liked as well as MAAR shooting 36% from 3 in one season and even X shot 39% from 3 in EYBL.

There is way more to like there and be confident in than anyone creating anything off the bounce.

You proved my point, we see how MAAR, Watson and Simpson are shooting now. We need proven shooting on our team next year. Can’t rely on freshman to do it all.

I think you may be working with the faulty assumption that shooting is somehow going to make this team better. In other words, you think the team would improve by adding more players such as Duncan Robinson, Zak Irvin, and Ibi Waton. The truth is, the team is not very good because of players such as those identified above. Those type of players thrive in one role, catch and shoot, and can do little else to help a team independent of an elite shot creator off the dribble.

We are currently number 1 in field goal percentage in conference play, while shooting 39% from three as a team, and yet we are not even a tournament team at the moment and you think a lack of shooting is the concern? Just don’t even know how to address that line of thinking.

Just don’t understand how you advocate for JB to be fired, but yet adhere and promote his philosophical approach and recruiting. Doesn’t add up


Irvin is a catch and shoot guy and doesn’t do anything else
To help our team win?