2017 - F - Isaiah Livers (Commit)



I heard it went to OT, but yep I probably only saw 4 of those 24…


He’s seem to have gotten better



Livers finished with 20. A few catch and shoot 3s, a few dunks in transition, 1 three off the bounce with 10secs left in garbage, the rest from the FT


How did he look against Elliot? I know that was something you were going to watch.


See my posts in the recruiting notes thread. Still driving home


Will do, hadn’t gotten there yet. Drive safely.


Didn’t he score over his season average?


Have no clue what his season average is.

Livers is a good passer for a 6’7-6’8 prospect. Has displayed good vision both times I’ve seen him this year


He was averaging 19.2 points and 16.2 rebounds per game heading into tonight’s game.


He had 20 today, with 5 during the last minute of garbage time. He had nowhere near 16 rebounds, I’m guessing 4-6 range. Greg was boxing him out consistently


Honestly if he can do all of these things well and improve his rebounding I would 100% take that from a 4 in our offense. Of course the issue is that a player like that needs someone to get him that ball, which we likely don’t have for at least his first year.


4-6 rebounds is disappointing.


Livers is also a really good help side shotblocker…his ability to time his jumps and control his body so as not to foul was impressive. He had 1 block on Greg in transition where his body control and timing were just superb

His shot is really nice and ver consistent. Even when he misses it looks very good.

Overall I like the pickup. Have to see more of him to measure where his ball handling ability is vs legit comp. He doesn’t play very good comp in conference, and he certainly isn’t playing against Greg Elliott level defenders


Reviewed the film. Correction on Livers, he had 22pts


Highlights I put together of Livers vs East English early this morning


I know there was discussion about whether he could take Greg off the dribble at all. Curious if he even attempted to put the ball on the floor, or if that was completely taken away by Greg?

The good news is that, for the most part, Livers should have opportunity against opposing 4’s in college, and not guys who make that difficult such as a guy Greg’s size.


Livers can play. He’s a great pickup and has a very high ceiling. Should have a great career at M.


Exactly…I said that last night. He did not attempt a single dribble against Greg in the first half. Greg was in him rather than next to him. Keep in mind Greg’s intensity level is generally much higher than most other high school prospects. He takes pride in defense on every possession. Livers is a nice wing, but he knew he was not going to be able to deal with that type of pressure, and so he didn’t even attempt it.

For me, the jury is still out. While we’ve seen Livers really look fluid handling the ball in my previous film against Detroit Western, this has to be balanced with that. I think he can handle the ball against 4s, the question is rather he can do it against threes since he will likely be a perimeter player at Michigan, even at the 4 spot.

The thing I have noticed is that even when he handles the ball with success, he always settles for a midrange jumpshot rather than getting all the way to the rim and either finishing, creating for others, or drawing fouls. That really limits his ability to be a playmaker.


Yep. I think Livers is certainly an upgrade at the 4 spot from what we’ve had since GR3. I think #128 is probably on the low side for his ranking (Rivals most recent rank), but 76 (ESPN) is probably a bit too high. I’d probably settle in somewhere between 85-100 based on what I’ve seen in EYBL and HS.