2017 - F - Isaiah Livers (Commit)



I really like the fact that Livers does not need the ball to be effective. His propensity for long 2s definitely does limit his functional athleticism as I think he has the length/verticality to be a solid half-court finisher. JB did an excellent job addressing the 4 spot last cycle (along with DJ’s growth).


Totally agree with all of this, except for the rebounding, would definitely like to see that improve. Exactly why I think Johns would be a bad move in 18, as he doesn’t offer very much playmaking, while Livers is the better shooter.


What could have been with Donnie Tillman or Kyle Young but all things considered…not too bad


I loved both this kids. I’m gonna follow them and root for them for sure. That said I don’t see livers as too much of a downgrade if at all.


With DJ being a serviceable rebounder, it lessened the necessity for either Donnie or Kyle, but both would’ve been an upgrade for rebounding/defensive purposes for sure. Think Jerome Hunter would be the best fit based on what we need moving forward for 18 and beyond if we’re taking a PF.


Donnie is now a 4star on ESPN…they’re so late recognizing talent these days, at least as it correlates to their rankings.


Is it fair to say that Livers has the most offensive versatility and aptitude, out of the three? I get that doesn’t necessarily make him the best player, but it’s still something to hang his hat on.

And it seemed like getting Young had been an uphill battle (he was the 4, after Jaren Jackson, I thought would be the best add, though).


Eh, I’d say Donnie is the most versatile being the only one who can handle and pass. Kyle has a similar skill-set as Livers but is more willing to attack the rim. I think Livers has the highest ceiling because he is probably the best athlete and has more physical maturing to do relative to the other two.


Maybe this is a better question for @MattD, but it sure looked like Livers could handle in the Detroit Western film. Now, after being guarded by Greg for a game, the jury is out. Would you guys expect Donnie to similarly struggle to handle with Greg guarding him?


No way in hell. Donnie would bully Greg’s light ass every time down. That is the difference between Donnie and Livers. Donnie is an absolute beast with a dog’s mentality. I love Livers, but he does have a bit of charmin boy in him…not a complete softy, but he definitely needs to get some more motor/toughness.



On Dave and Greg:

Elliott and junior U-M commitment David DeJulius form a high-major backcourt for the Bulldogs. They play with impressive chemistry considering this is DeJulius’ first year at the school. DeJulius was named the game’s MVP after scoring 28 points. Elliott scored 25, but did it in a more efficient manner making 8-of-14 field goals (2-4 three-pointers) and all seven of his free throws, while his younger backcourt partner was 10-of-25 from the floor. Elliott is a menace is transition because he can play off DeJulius or sophomore guard

On Livers:

Like Elliott and DeJulius, Livers has a partner he vibes with, 6-4 senior Roger Stein. They form a dangerous high-lost combination and either can throw an alley-oop to the other. Livers scored 22 points on 6-of-9 field goals (3-4 three-pointers) and 7-for-9 at the stripe. Any opposing driver needs to be cognizant of Livers lurking on the weakside, as he blocked four EEV shots. His six rebounds were disappointing given Livers’ height advantage over anyone in the game. There was one scrum in particular where a putback would’ve given Kalamazoo Central some much-needed momentum, but their star was nowhere near. It’s Livers’ versatility, his comfort and ease with the ball away from the basket, that makes him such an intriguing college prospect. But it also keeps him from being a dominating high school player who owns the lane at 6-8.


I sat next to Steve, and we had really similar takes. Long story short is that Isaiah looked really good shooting and the ball and in transition, but wasn’t comfortable creating a shot against Greg and didn’t play with great motor


With Livers and DJ, I feel remarkably better about the four position for the next two years than I did a couple of months ago.


Dave really took 25 shots?


The Ronald Coleman comp on his site made me chuckle a lil bit after the initial horror


Definitely think we upgraded with Isaiah. Would feel better if we could combine him with a shot blocking and rebounding 5.


Correct. Dave us going to get his shots up, period. He’s the rare kid that we want…honor roll student that does all the right things off the court but an absolute dog on the court.


Did Livers ever try to post Greg up? Wilson improving this year definitely solidifies the 4 spot and gives the staff a chance to potentially take 2 wings which I hope they do.

JB has to see that we need more athleticism on the wing, hope that is addressed with the next few ships. Would love if he goes completely off his norm and grabs an already physically developed kid who does the dirty work.


He tried a few times but Greg just fronted him and moved him out of position. Greg’s motor is insane. Livers is very skilled…but from an intensity standpoint be simply can’t compete with Greg Elliott.


Even with his penchant for soft play, I’m really wondering if we’re gonna start seeing DJ pop up as a possible early entry candidate.

His size and increased prowess from deep is really making him intriguing.