2017 - F - Isaiah Livers (Commit)



Think that’s also why he’s such a good mid-range jump shooter, generally those shots are more contested and given his size, length and elevation he can just shoot over people.


Typically the penetration is dominated by the backcourt, but we don’t seem to have a ton of those players on our roster going forward. I think getting one at the three or four would be very beneficial for the function of the offense. And you don’t necessarily need to be better than a guard if you’re a four because you may be guarded by a slower player than someone in the backcourt would be.

I don’t disagree that don’t you have to have dribbling and penetration skills to be a good player. But we also can’t have a roster full of those types. We’ll have MAAR and potentially X on the 2017-18 team. Maybe Brooks and Poole can do that a bit as well. But Matthews is more of a slasher. I’d prefer to get one of Cain or Tillman to fill this. Specifically Tillman because he gives us versatility with the last spot if he were to commit.


I’ll disagree on the we don’t seem to have many backcourt/wing penetrators going forward comment. Simpson, Matthews and MAAR for a year are all guys who are much better off dribble penetration than as spot up shooters, and Watson may fall into the same category.


In addition to what MHoops1 said, we’ll have other players who could succeed in PnR settings. For instance, I’d like our chances better having Poole running a PnR to Livers than Tillman trying to break a college 4 down with Poole spacing the floor as a shooter.


Yep. The “4” in Beilein’s offense isn’t going to be handling the ball on the PnR; his role will either be finish at the rim or hit the shot on the pop. Or to be a floor spacer and hit shots when the ball is swung around the perimeter.

The bigger issue for that position is finding someone who can compete on the glass and defend B1G caliber power forwards. In this system, those are more important skills for the position than a “4” who can break guys down off the dribble, IMO.

In a Steve Fisher offense, for example, it was more important to have a Chris Weber or Mo Taylor or Robert Traylor who could take opposing bigs off the dribble. Different fits for different systems.


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I think he does much more than break people down. He’s a nice rebounder , who can run the floor,plays with energy and an drop his body into your chest and power up. I don’t see many of those Guys onour roster. The dribble/ creating and passing is just a bonus. He looks good on the pop too. Toughness, let’s get some. I don’t see a negative in his game for us.


Yes! A great fit at the 4 in our system. Obviously this means no Young or Tillman (most likely) but I’m still excited to get an in state guy like Livers when he has a 100% MSU crystal ball.

Having only watched highlights tapes can anyone give the general scouting report on him? I saw be shot over 40% from 3 in the EYBL, but those jumpers made up most of his video. Does he have an inside game?


Not ecstatic about this. Hopefully we are still in the running for one of the 5 star guys.


By his own account, Livers is a shooter and rebounder. If he can do those two things well he will have a role waiting when he gets on campus.
Dreaming big ( a fav pastime) his game reminds me of Robert Horry


Good luck with that Eeyore.


Good luck with that Eeyore.

Echo chamber


Sweet. Good news. Excited to land a solid in state prospect. I know Sam Webb said Michigan may hold out a spot for the 5 stars but do you expect them to go full bore after Cain or Smith (assuming he gets offered when he visits) and try lock up another wing player? Could Livers and Young fit together too or do you think we need a more athletic wing player?


I think he is a nice pickup. It will be really interesting if they wait on the 5 stars or take a Cain/Smith/Young/Tillman type.

It will also be interesting to see which of the 3/4 types end up being the most productive in college.


I haven’t watched anything on Livers, but everything I heard seems to indicate that he’s a straight up college 4 due to his lack of handle. Gotta think that eliminates guys like Smith/Young who are 100% 4s, right?


Very interested in seeing who becomes the better player, I just like youngs game quite a bit. Lovers can be a good player, a little star power will be nice though :slight_smile:


I assume we’re done, but I wouldn’t be upset if we stayed after Young, Tillman, et al. Wilson is completely unproven at the 4 (or anywhere else, I guess). Other than Livers and Wilson, we won’t really have any 4s on the roster in 2017.


I agree. Young is still a take in my book and possibly Tillman.


I’m a big fan of Young’s…But with Johns appearing to be top priority in '18, wouldn’t Cain make more sense than Young, given the Livers commitment?


Contrary to what you read on Guestavo’s twitter, Justin Smith will be able to play the 3 at the next level.