2017 - F - Isaiah Livers (Commit)



People get stuck on the rankings and what not. An athletic kid that can shoot should be able to make an impact at UM. I like the commitment as well. Poole, matthews, livers is already a solid pull for this recruiting cycle with one scholarship left.


I can buy that, I agree that he’s not going to be a huge playmaker off the bounce early on in his career, but he’s a terrific fit for the 4 at UM. Kyle Young is too, no question.

I think we all agree that Michigan needed to get more athletic and Livers probably helps that cause more than Young. Even if Young is currently the more productive player at the EYBL level.


You opinion is valued by plenty here as long as you don’t try to Skip Bayless every recruit.

Nice work here.


I think most of us value your opinion, just not always the way that opinion is presented. I’ve appreciated that you’ve been pretty chill lately though. Your site is a great source for our recruiting info, as seen by you getting this commitment announced before any of the major recruiting sites.


Livers is a solid pickup, but not one to get overly excited about, by any means. The question really isn’t whether he’ll be better than the guys we’ve tried at the 4 the last couple years, but whether he has more talent and athleticism than the guys that teams like MSU, Indiana and Maryland will be bringing in for that spot in their lineups. That’s the competition, and the standard we’ll be measured against when all is said and done, not last year’s team.


Another great pickup. Excellent fit for a Beilein four, Michigan kid – never hurts to beat MSU for a Michigan guy. You can argue about whether or not you’d prefer Young or Livers, but Livers is a really good shooter, tall and a good athlete, nicely skilled. Great fit for the roster too. I like it.


I can see that a bit, but Clark was more of a big guard/wing who didn’t have good enough guard skills. Livers has more height and is probably a better shooter too.


Not disappointed in Livers, but he definitely needs to pick up his motor and intensity from what I saw in HS last year.

This ends the Young recruitment IMO and that is very frustrating to me. I loved that kid.

Won’t be surprised in the least if our 17 recruitment is over very soon.

The five stars are just not realistic going forward, no matter how many top 12 lists we land on. Kids are just filling in names in competition with others for attention and perceived importance. In reality kids have 2-4 schools that they have sincere interest in. The rest is just for social media fluff.


Two 2017 commits who picked Michigan over their dream school. Obviously there’s a lot more to a recruitment, but just an interesting fact.


An argument about height (when basically everyone’s height is fudged) is something we don’t need. A classic argument that no one can win.


Well MSU tried bringing in Livers, so he must compare pretty well. I mean…


I’m happy about this commit! Not only about the player, but the progress that seems to have been made in managing the recruiting process. 5* are nice, but in my opinion it was more important to establish consistency and a quality baseline that the program can build on going forward. They seem to have figured out ‘the game’ somewhat. The odd 5* will come down the road once we’ve reestablished the consistency and quality year over year.


The point of posting this was so all of you guys wouldn’t keep arguing about it.


Was it that we weren’t liking the outlook of getting someone else like Young, Tillman, etc?
Or that we really liked Livers that much?


I am happy with this commit. I have always thought that Young would end up at OSU. I have a hunch that Livers will have more success at the college level than Young. IMO, Young is closer to his ceiling. Guess we will find out in 3 or 4 years. If Young ends up a buckeye, we will get to see them go head to head.

This class is shaping up very nicely. With the four we already have (including Mathews), this gives us some flexibility on how we use the last spot.


As I said, he’s a quality recruit, and I’m certainly not claiming that no other decent program wanted him. But if he would only have been a bench player for MSU because they got someone else even better at that position, but ends up starting for us, then he was not as good a recruit as we needed.


Does this mean the staff was viewing smith as a 4 and not a 2 or 3 like Cain? crossing my fingers as I would love to see Cain in this class


Some more video of Livers


Two UM commits now on Bowen’s AAU team. Think that helps our case with him in any way?


We must start praying we get an elite talent. Bowen is the man!