2016 G - Tyrell Gumbs-Frater

He has better offers, stats and interest than Baruti. Message board posters kills me. When Belien dontbsign these type of players and they go elsewhere and blow up all we hear is " Beliein passes on so and so and is not an great recruiter, he got lucky when he went to the national championship game". How many people you know would’ve signed K Feilder over D Walton ? Or the kid from Detroit Mercy who got dissmissed from the program? Fact is we identified more players that turned out to be good including Spike. Trust our coach. This kid isn’t Baruti but who’s to say that he won’t turn out to be better? You can’t depend on film to define talent unless you see the players in person. People ( you know who you are) were saying that Xavier Simpson was slow and lacked lateral quickness and ball handling skills. People were down on MAAR because they didn’t like his video tape and said he wouldn’t be a player until his senior year. This kid have some great schools recruiting him and I’m pretty sure that he shot better than 28% on three.

Smh. I’m glad that you’re not a coach.

Lately our coach has mis evaluated more players than he’s evaluated properly. Look no further than our recent transfers. Quite honestly, Wilson isn’t good enough either if our ultimate goal is contesting for championships. Feel free to point to a recruiting cycle 4 years ago to make the claim our coach is on top of his game when it comes to evaluations. Don’t get mad when other people point to more recent evidence to support the contrary.

I’m the biggest MAAR slappy on this board. Even with that being said, we need better than a MAAR to be our best player. Our program has enough resources and prestige to quit relying on projects like Frater.

Our roster was in a solid spot when we added Spike to it. That’s why it worked out so well for 2 years. If we ever get our roster to the point it was in 2012-2013, you won’t hear a single fan complain about taking a chance each class because we can risk that chance not panning out. We can’t afford a single recruit not to pan out given the recent events.


IMO I don’t think that we’ve “missed” on THAT many. The issue to me is that we haven’t found some stars. Everyone else looks a lot better when they have a “guy” on their team.

Manny. Peedi. Morris. Burke. Hardaway. Stauskas. Levert.

I don’t know that we have a player as good or with potential to be that good on the current roster. That’s where we missed. Walton and Irvin are very nice players but they’re not stars. We don’t have that “go to” guy on the team. A guy that can get the bucket late in the shot clock. A guy that can pull helpside defense. It seems like everyone that’s really good at least has a “guy”.


My question is how do you know that he’s a project ? Outside of this video- have you actually seen he kid play? Can’t say that our transfers wasn’t good enough because they all played well at some point and Dawkins has some huge games. Chatman had some as well. I think that DJ Wilson would be just fine . He has some skill and I’m not giving up on him or any players on our team . Even Ricky Doyle some decent games. He had unfortunate setbacks. I just don’t give up on players before they graduate. Look at what Max was able to do. We can’t call this kid a “project” until he has stepped on the court or even practice. You would’ve thought that K Feilder was a project. You would’ve though that Sumner was a project. Some lower rank diamond in roughs do workout and tons of top 100 don’t . He is less of a project than Baruti. I can tell you that much .

Exactly, the expectations at UM should be high


Not to get to off base here but you guys didn’t like maars film? I kid you not I watched one or two vidoes and said this kid is a sleeper and exactly what we need.

I’m always curious about this. Why exactly do you feel that way? And when you say “high,” what should be the expectation, both in terms of recruiting and achievement on the court?

Imagine had we signed Paris Bass , K Feilder and Sumner , all we would hear is " we have to recruit better and stop signing these medioce players.We can win with these type of subpar players. They are not rated highly and have no good offers. These guys are no good and is five years away from helping. Fire Jim Bielien".

I’m only posting this because I’m tired of people determining that a player isn’t good enough for our team because of film or star ratings. Some players are late bloomers we won’t get Barui anyhow, he’s going to Utah.

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Obviously not Kyle Young, but maybe a teammate or players Michigan was interested in, but didn’t like enough to offer.

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