2016-2017 Scholarships

I think most of us are, to some degree, disappointed with the 2016-2017 class, but are all hoping to be proven wrong. But, I am also confused as to how the 2016-2017 scholarship situation is going to play out. As things stand, we are over-signed by one scholarship. It seems like we either have to count on someone transferring, or asking an incoming recruit to delay for a year. Is there another option that I am missing? And what do you guys think is most likely?

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Unless someone transfers, we would need to have a freshman go to prep school or walk-on.

Walking on is out of the question—all four recruits have signed LOIs. In fact, I think you’re ineligible to come in as a walk-on at a school where you’ve taken an official visit.

Something will have to happen to get down to 13. Although someone could take a prep year, it would be surprising if everyone on the roster returned. We have a number of fours and fives who aren’t getting much playing time.

If someone goes to prep who would be the best option. IMO it would be either Teske or Davis due to the amount of bigs we would have. JB noted in an interview one of the two will redshirt and the other will play probably so that would help instead. I would find it shocking if none of our guys transferred. Doyle, Chatman, DJ, and even Dawkins have to have it in their head at some point.

Although he’s played well of late I’d love that person to be Doyle. Honestly I could see Wilson heading tgT direction. I really hope chatman stays as I could see him getting big time minutes next yeAr

The tough part with DJ is he used his redshirt. It would make most sense for him to wait until his 5th year. I am the biggest hopeful of Kam and want him to stay, but with the PT he gets who knows.

I think kam will get 20 plus minutes next year easy, if he can handle that time then he’ll be straight. Simpson, chatman,Dawkins or Robinson plus Wagner. That could be a really nice bench out there. Hell get a few transfers and bring spike back. A roster with Walton, spike ,Xavier,rahkman, and ibi. Then Irvin, Dawkins chatman, and Robinson. Finally donnall Wagner teske and Davis.

This would be a scenario of Doyle and Wilson leaving and spike making the miracle return. I’d really like this outcome. I think this roster could have success. A 24 yeAr old spike would own Cassius Winston and any other young whipper snappers of the big 10. I think we’d have a shot to win the big 10 with that roster. Not sure if someone would have to redshirt but I’m sure it could be arranged. Ahh nice to dream

If Kam Chatman is getting 20 minutes next year, our expectations should be to not finish in the bottom half of the conference.

Mp I’m telling you kam is going to step up to be a solid rotation player. I can see it. Hell get minutes at the three and a lil moonlighting at the four.!his shot is improving. I also could see him as both a solid rebounder / defender and passer. I like what he’s doing this year in his 5-10 minutes. He will gain confidence and I think we will see a completely different guy. As good as we had hoped? No but I Believe he will be a solid rotAtion player the next two years.

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You’re free to believe what you want. I don’t see any of what you see. Kam needs to transfer to a mid major.

He might do just that but I hope he comes back. I guess it depends on who they add in his place if anyone. I think he’s looked solid last few appearances. His demeanor and body language looks different. Let’s see if he gets time again tomorrow. More work/ confidence and I could see him playing.

It’s not about seeing him play. It’s about what kind of shape the team is in if Kam is playing 20 minutes. It won’t be good.

I don’t know about you but I feel like you will agree with this. If we don’t have one guy off the bench that can give us around 20 min let’s give 2 guys 10. Honestly if u ask me I’m splitting the time between Duncan Aubrey and Kam as even as possible until someone jumps out.

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I agree with this for no other reason than, there’s no alternative to the 3. We have to find one person that not only can play 10-20 minutes but contributes for 10-20 minutes. There’s a difference.

When I watch Kam Chatman move around the court I cringe how much he lacks athleticism, and how slow he really is. He looks like an old man trying to get around out there.

Kam Irvin and even Wilson all move with heavy feet.

Austin Davis fits this mold as well. Just too many of them on one roster.

I still don’t know about Chatman. Obviously, nothing has looked good thus far – but I still wonder if his disappointing play has more to do with mentality/confidence/nerves than with limitations of talent or athleticism. I notice that when he has the ball, he has the tendency to fire passes to guys five feet away as if he is heaving the ball cross court. Also seems to trip over his own feet a lot, like he always plays too tight and nervous. Would that decrease with more PT? Maybe. Perhaps I’m naive but I still like his overall potential – though in this system, I don’t see him ever becoming a reliable three-point shooter. I’d hate to see him leave and become decent somewhere else – would reflect poorly on the system, I think. Better to give him another chance and see if he can get more confident, though I have no clue what his ideal role would be.

Chatman looks so afraid to me on the court. I see he is afraid to mess up when he is on the court and because of that he doesn’t do anything and just passes. He looks so nervous.

You guys are trying to find a reason he hasn’t played well. The fact is he isn’t good enough to play at that level.

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I disagree with that. I like his frame and is a decent athlete. He shows signs of strength of athleticism. I think he lacks confidence to play at a level like the big ten. I just wish he was elite considering how high of a recruit he was and all the players he was ranked ahead of. He was thought to be the face of the program once Caris left.