2016/17 Commitment Updates

Harris and Schilling will likely start for MSU next season.

Probably Tum-Tum too.

Tum-Tum has it easy lots of guys around him who can fill it up, he doesn’t turn it over, plays good D, makes good decisions. He’s not forced to do too much which is perfect for him they lose Valentine-Forbes but have Ward-Bridges-Langford-Winston and maybe Jackson to help him.

John Beilein does not possess your rich insight, purposely recruits without planning or awareness–in fact, recruits to lose–and is considering hiring you to take over recruitment.


Schilling is only a junior? No way

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Big men recruiting in general has been way below average and I’m tired of some of the sunshine blowers excuses . Now I’m not saying these kids would have come but here me out. Diamond Stone made a few visits on his own buck, a 5 star player and never was offered … Swainigan came here for camp to earn a offer was a 5 star never was offered. On the flip side Donnal came to camp after his Soph year got a offer the 1st day when you can offer and he took it. Doyle was a Priority recruit why I will never know made a official in March his Jr year and committed. J.B sucks at big men evals. I understand the Teske offer but why the other offer we play one big at a time and have bigs who all fit the same bill on the team makes no sense.

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And what’s Bacari’s role in it? Isn’t he the “bigs” coach?

It’s the head coach’s responsibility. It’s his philosophy Bacari is adhering to.

I understand it’s always the head coach’s responsibility. Ultimately they always have the final say on their program. Everyone knows that.

I asked what’s Bacari’s role? Recruiting? Developing? Advising?
I doubt Beilein simply is paying puppets thousands of dollars to be his assistants.
Our guards seem to have benefited greatly from Coach Vall. We’re not seeing the same out of the bigs.

One thing I always chuckle at is when a big man pretty much has his way. Donnal did pretty good last night but Stone still took charge in the 2nd half whether it’s Hammons or the Tolbert kid from SMU. Beilein says something along the lines it’s eye opening to see guys like that. I hope it’s eye opening enough where he starts showing interest in those type of bigs. Imagine what he would have said if Michigan faced Kentucky with Anthony Davis?

Find the best post players that fit what the head coach is trying to do.

Convince said players to commit to Michigan.

Develop and implement the post drills specifically tailored to the head coach’s system.


Our Guards are talented and athletic our bigs are not outside DJ. Better players make you look like a better coach Mitch Looked good bc he had talent how on gods green earth can u make Blake McLimas look talented.

Maybe. So who’s recruiting and evaluating them?

What about…say…Spike. Not really a star out of high school.
Was MAAR a highly sought after guard?
Didn’t we steal Levert from University of Ohio?
Dawkins didn’t have a ton of offers.
Robinson came from a D3 college.

We’ve either identified diamonds or developed them from the guard spot. Not so much with the “bigs”

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Bacari can only Coach what he has he can’t offer Schollies that’s on the head man…


Both MAAR and Caris were tipped off to JB . A friend of his called him and told him in my 30 years of basketball I never vouch for a kid you better come check him out. Caris knew the Burke’s and Benji vouched for him with JB never seeing him play he also had a coach who was friends with Bacari contact the staff . Trey’s Dad asked JB if you don’t recruit my son we are committing to Cincy. Xavier Simpsons dad also asked told him we are interested why aren’t you recruiting my son. He made an unofficial on the low after his Wisky OV. Spike was offered bc Trey had one foot out door, they needed a pg on the roster bc he was all but gone. Spkie had been on the same AAU as Mitch and GR3 who’s coach was a good friend or of JB.

Every coach gets tips on players. So what. You still have to evaluate them. I’m sure that Beilein had plenty of film on Caris. As for Simpson, we were waiting on Winston; we told the Winstons, who wanted to delay a decision into October, to fish or cut bait. Didn’t get a decision, so we moved on and snatched Simpson.

So tell me this why didn’t we offer Diamond Stone or Swanigan? Please don’t give me they didn’t have the grades.

Stone was recruited but wasn’t interested. Swanigan was also recruited, but, again, wasn’t interested. His mentor controlled his recruitment, and it was a mess. You may recall that he was briefly committed to MSU, then it looked like Cal, then he ends up at Purdue, where his mentor played football. Swanigan did have academic issues. The NCAA did not qualify him until November, IIRC.