2016/17 Commitment Updates

Some notes and videos on the front page

More Ibi Watson video


Teske with 22, 10, 4, 2.

The 7-foot-1 Medina center was everywhere, connecting on 3-pointers, mid-range jumpers, baby hooks and dunks while blocking shots, grabbing rebounds and even running the fastbreak a couple times.
“(Strongsville’s) a very good team, so we just wanted to come out and play good defense,” Teske said. “We know that when we play good defense, we have a good offense and that translates into wins.”

Even split four three point attempts.


Is Teske really 7’ 1" now?

Good to see Ibi beasting. We really need someone to take over the Caris roll and I don’t see anyone on the current roster adequately doing it.

I like Ibi but I’d like to see more ball handling. I think that’s going to be huge in getting time on the floor. Can he handle the ball well enough to play the 2? Or does he end up a Dawkins-like roll?

In the videos that I have seen, Ibi’s bringing the ball up on occasion and he’s definitely attacking the rim off the bounce. Dawkins can’t do either of those so I’m not sure that’s a good comparision. At this point, I think he’s closer to Irvin in terms of skills.

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I also think that Irvin’s emergence as more of a passer/creator is key to next year. With Walton and Irvin as plus-passers and seniors then Xavier Simpson maybe to help defensively in spurts and Ibi to add on the wing it will be more of a committee replacement of Caris.


I have no doubt Robinson will be handling the ball on PnR before his days in a M uniform are over, and his passing skills are A1.

Yeah I’d probably say more like Irvin. I wasn’t comparing him to Dawkins.
Though I’m still not sold on seeing ball handling skills that translate to a “guard” at the next level.
Big difference between taking it to the hole in high school vs. college.
Irvin handled the ball a lot in high school and he’s not much of a dribble penetration threat.

More on Ibi here

I think we got a good player in Ibi. I know a lot of people look at him as the “Plan B or Plan C” guy but I think he’s a nice pickup in this class.


Gettin’ buckets!

X’s father and coach:


If people are interested, U of D Jesuit and Cassius Winston play that same team that Xavier dropped 59 on in a week. Can get an idea on level of competition since U of D might be a top 15 team in the nation.

Would like to see UD versus Lima Senior! That would be a great game against 2 of the better teams in both Michigan and Ohio. Plus it would be an interesting match up at the point.

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Fremont Ross home of Rob Lytle and Charles Woodson.
Simpson would never go off for 59 against Woodson :grinning:

Congrats to young X Simpson on a phenomenal performance.