Zavier Simpson's suspension is Michigan's worst nightmare, from the most unlikely source

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Yep my favorite player the past 3 1/2 years. This blind sides me like everyone else. Maybe with Liver’s injury and the pressure of this being his team was an overload as things seem to be crumbling for his senior season.He will learn from this. Maybe the team will be inspired to win now. X and the whole team need to be strong to get out of this funk. Go Blue forever.


Love this kid, his passion and grit, will to win. I’m sure we all played at some level with a guy who never ever gives up. I can only speculate but can imagine how frustrated he is and how difficult the change in coaching might be for him. It’s tough to change strategies and tactics when you have been raised and groomed under a different mind set. Hang in there young man…it’s always about adapting and change!