Zavier Simpson wills Michigan past Purdue in slugfest


X catches a lot of criticism from segments of the fan base, most of which are really unfair.

One of those players you won’t know how much you miss until next year. He’s one of two guys (Livers) on this year’s team that can facilitate his own buckets in crunch time currently and we’re only going as far as X can take us.


X is just unlucky to be playing the same 4 years that Winston is playing at MSU. In a vacuum, X is probably one of the best Michigan basketball players of all time - based on full body of work.

And the other great Wolverine’s that he is following were all great shooters: Trey, Nik, Dwalt. That’s the one glaring weakness in X’s game


Simpson will go down as one of my favorite players in school history. His ability and IQ have helped us win so many games and his leadership skills have been Equally impressive. He will be sorely missed next season and I hope fans appreciate the remaining games we get to watch him play in the maize and blue.


Was the use of “slugfest” intentional? :wink:


Great job again Max. I’ve enjoyed watching X his whole career at M. Even his freshman year I saw glimpses of what he would be. My favorite player the last 4 years. Thank you X and GO BLUE forever.