Zavier Simpson Semi-Finalist for DPOY

Interesting because I don’t think X has been quite as good defensively this year and it has largely been Eli tasked with defending the opponent’s best guard for much of the year.


More than any award, defensive awards tend to be about reputation. IIRC, Simpson didn’t get on the Big Ten All Defense team as a sophomore which was his best defensive season IMO.

Then he made it the next year because he should have made it the previous season and Charles Matthews missed.


Completely different sport but kind of like Derek Jeter and his numerous gold gloves despite the analytics (granted much of which came later) that show he was much more average at best in the field.


Honestly I think x was a better defender his soph season

Let’s just hope whoever is voting didn’t watch the end of the Oregon game…


Or the first MSU game

Honest question though: why hasn’t X been as good defensively this year as he was in his sophomore year, or even last year?

I mean I’m glad that he’s transitioned into probably a better offensive guy at this point, but has he gained too much muscle and as a result lost quickness? Is he not as engaged?

Much better defender. Much worse offensive player though.

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His entire role his sophomore year was to be disruptive on D. That year he had an 18.8 USG, and it’s now 25.5. Tough to have that kind of load and also be an elite, pesky, undersized, perimeter defender.

and yet still superior to record-holder Cal Ripken with his 6 foot range

Eli defending the top guard has as much to do with trying to get X a break since he is so critical on the offensive end as anything.

I agree that is part of the reason, but because X carries such a big offensive load, Eli has also done a better job defensively this year than X. So it makes even more sense to keep putting Eli and DDJ on opponents top guards. It gives X a little break and also improves the team defense.

The metrics do not agree with you.

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General comment, not to anyone in particular, but I just hope X plays like the DPOY tonight…and in every game from here on out. In fact, I hope everyone on the team plays GREAT defense.

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