Zavier Simpson, Franz Wagner collect All-Big Ten honors

If you’re going to go the counting stats route with Stevens (over Tillman), how can you justify putting him on the first team over Oturu?

3 more conference wins? Penn St is 26th in KenPom and Minnesota isn’t far behind at 29th.


This is probably just because I’m such a homer, but give me X and the second team any day vs. that first team.

Am I a total homer to question the sanity of those who didn’t vote Wagner to the All-Freshman Team?


Did anyone else have a huh reaction to McCaffrey being a “Sportsmanship Honoree?”


Stevens and Cowan being on the first team feels like a “Lifetime Achievement Award” type thing. Definitely needs to be Oturu or Tillman over Stevens and I think Ayo over Cowan.

That made me LOL.


He was first team last year. I think his career has been properly recognized :rofl:


Uhhh, his coach picked him! :wink: :grin:

Just kidding! Don’t know who picks a team’s Sportsmanship Award winners.

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Just waiting for Gard to name Brad Davison as a “Sportsmanship Honoree.” :slight_smile:


LOL I forgot about that! Hahaha.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: This is funny, plus I need a complete sentence and enough characters!

No mention of Isaiah Livers and I certainly understand why. He will be a steal in the upcoming draft, just like Caris, Duncan, THJ and GRIII. He has the foundation and athleticism to be an NBA player!


Lamar Stevens shouldn’t be a first team all BIG. Xavier Tillman got robbed. Really disagree with quite a bit about these All BIG teams. I’d definitely take Ron Harper over Geo Baker as well. Oturu and Ayo are close but I think Oturu should get the nod. Also find it fascinating that X wasn’t All BIG defensive team but was a finalist for NDPOY :joy: just goes to show that award is all based on reputation.

Still beyond lost as to how some people are just operating under the assumption Livers is leaving to the NBA this year. Sure, he could have a killer March and do well at the combine, but as of now he has basically no draft stock.

I would bet a lot of money that he at least puts his name in and goes through the process. I doubt at this point he gets a combine invite, but he will get an audience with teams for sure.

Yeah I’m not to sold on Isaiah leaving for the NBA as a lot of people. Injuries are going to be a concern for scouts. He has upside because of his shooting and if he gets drafted or leaves that’s a huge reason why is because scouts are high on his perimeter scoring. I think he needs to work on getting to the basket consistently ( especially against smaller players.) Also he needs to work on creating for himself. He’s a capable defender, but his ankle has really hurt his lateral quickness. All in all it would be a risk to declare especially when he’s not even in most mock drafts. I think he’ll test the waters and he should. With that being said I think he’ll come back and improve what he needs to and should be a for sure pick in the 2021 draft.

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Yeah I mean I’d be very surprised if he didn’t put his name in. But, people have been talking about it like that’s some kind of indication that he will be leaving and that just isn’t the case.

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Zavier is 67 assists away from becoming Michigan’s all time leader in assists…obviously a 2-3 game run in the BTT and probably 3 maybe 4 games in March with the offense humming could get him there but curious to see what people think the over under is on him getting close and will that Nebraska suspension play a role in him not having enough games to get there?!?

It’s just so tough because there are only two guaranteed games left. If we went 3+ games in both tourneys then sure it becomes possible but that isn’t the most likely outcome. I’d probably say the expected number of postseason games for Michigan would be around 4. So I’d say the o/u for assists for X the rest of the way would be around 35. Of course it’s a weird thing to put odds on because go 1 and done in either tourney and there’s absolutely no chance.

He averages 8 per game. So we’d have to win the BTT and make the Final 4.