Zak Irvin leaves club team in Italy for personal reasons

I wonder what the writer actually meant to say. The words “incomprehensible” and “intolerance” don’t make sense here.

I think it’s a lost in translation thing


From some quick Google Translating of other articles I found, it appears he may just be homesick or quickly realized he wasn’t happy there. Sounds like he had a few meetings with the coaching staff so it wasn’t a huge surprise. One report said he missed a recent practice and they reported he had “flu-like symptoms”


I’m going to guess that they meant unspecified rather than incomprehensible.


Early 20s, single, get to make a living playing ball in Italy. I just don’t get the ones who don’t love the opportunity. Could be homesick, but he’s not 15. Maybe he didn’t like the coaches. Who knows. Hope he finds another opportunity.

I don’t think getting homesick because you’re alone in a foreign land is something that is limited to 15 year olds.


No, but tough it out already. That said, maybe the culture shock threw him. A bigger city with more expats might have been easier.

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Anyone can get homesick, but not finishing your contract is another matter.